get up!

May 22, 2011

My dad is a busy man, but when he’s at home he loves it when we’re all together. When I was in school, I was terrified when he was home and I wasn’t home yet. Everybody had to be at home when he was. So whenever I was out wasting time in a mall somewhere and my mom gets a call from dad that he would like some food prepared, my mom would call my sister and I. We’d go crazy rushing home because we had to be there before him. Or else, siap kena lecture.

About 10 years ago, he’d have these moments early in the morning. Sentences my sister and I HATE.

“Ok, everybody up. We’re going jogging at Lake Garden.”

At 6 am.


My sister and I would fake stomachaches or pretend we didn’t hear, but he would come banging on our doors and we’d be like squirrels trying to get dressed. Then the whole way in the beautiful and peaceful Lake Garden, you’ll hear my dad lecturing us about laziness and discipline and how none of his kids should wake up late. And if we were late even 2 minutes, the lecture would be about punctuality.

Yep, such lovely times those jogging years.

This morning, he said, “Ok everybody breakfast at 7.30 am sharp.”

Ok la, 10 years down the road he added an hour and a half of our sleep. So sweet.

This breakfast was special though. It was the first time the whole family rode in his new toy. My dad bought a new car to celebrate his birthday, he says (His birthday’s in December…..*slaps forehead*). It is a beautiful car and he’s waited quite a while to get it, so I’m so happy for him! The interior is soooo lush I love it! Beige and dark green.

But really, that lasted 10 minutes. Then my sister and I went like this.

This is what happens when you don’t let your kids sleep after Subuh on a SUNDAY! Tyrant.

But I was all fresh again when it was time for breakfast.

Top: Jas.C (available in Blue and Khaki)

After yummy cholesterol, we went for a drive to Putrajaya and I recommend everyone to do that. Putrajaya is gorgeous. The lake, the buildings, the houses. Everything’s so clean and especially peaceful in the early morning. Love it! And being with my family makes it a thousand times more meaningful.

In my mother’s ketiak, the most comfortable place in the world.