glam cover

May 7, 2011

Oh my god, pigs can officially fly now.

I landed on the cover of GLAM as one of their Generation Next girls.

I know, I know. Please bring up your jaw from the floor. I do have feelings.

Had all sorts of reactions when I showed it to my family.

My dad was as usual all diplomatic. “Am very proud of you, but you should not be in your comfort zone. Should expand further and improve yourself bla bla bla bla,” He said the same thing when I got 100% for my Maths test back in primary school. High achievers, these proud fathers.

I didn’t have to tell my mom. She came home with a bagload of GLAM magazines. One to put in her room, one to put in my room, one to put in the kitchen, one to put in the living room where her guests would come and she would go, “Oh my…what is this magazine doing lying here…well, this is just embarrassing…*giggles* Why yes, of course that is my daughter!”

Toots was all “How much make-up did they put for you to look natural????”

Opah and her friends Hormone No. 1 and Hormone No. 2 got all teary-eyed seeing this cover. She actually cried!!! So uncool.Then she started opening old stories like how I was THIS small when she took care of me (*holds up her palm*) and now I’m a working adult, all that emo stuff basically.

But Dean’s reaction was the best; He was the one who bought it first and bought a copy for me.

He was all beaming proud and when he showed it to me, he was saying “Man…you’re so hot…I can’t believe that’s you!!”

All the while carressing Sarah Lian’s face.


“I’m the one on the far left, you noob.”

Would’ve hit him with the magazine if I didn’t love it so much.