May 10, 2011

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I know what you’re thinking. Ha whaaaat???

Well, you know how those Japanese girls have flawless porcelain skin? Thanks to Hada Labo of course. It is one of the most favourite brands in Japan for skincare.

They invited Malaysian female bloggers for a get together to talk about their new anti-ageing product.

I was all like mehh I’m still young, but did you know prevention should start from the age of 25?!!!!! I’ll be 25 next year! Got into the car to attend this event and zoomed to Gardens Café, Sunway Pyramid.

It was an intimate event. Just the girls and bowls on the table.

Oooohh soup, I thought. I’m super hungry. This is good.

Went nearer. It was a bowl of water.

Oh no….they’re going to make us wash off our make up and stuff. I don’t like this.

But phew they didn’t! The bowl was just for us to wash off the product. They made us try the product on our hands and compare one hand to the other.

Hada Labo is most known for one thing; HYDRATION. They pride themselves in giving ladies healthy smooth skin by hydrating it. We all know our skin can get really dry in these busy times; not enough water, the hot weather, stress etc.

After trying the whole range, they did a test on us. A before and after hydration test.

As you can see from my tak-cover-langsung face, I was shocked to see the results. My percentage went up double and it wasn’t some trick!

Comparing our results. I was the winner of Sponge Contest as I sucked in most of the goodness they put in their products. *bows*

Their most popular and best-selling product is their Lotion. You’d think it’s moisturizer, but it’s not. It’s actually their TONER.

You know how the steps go. Cleanse –> Tone –> Essence –> Moisturise

Most of us leave out toner (I am one of the guilty one) but actually, for Japanese people, the toning process is the most important one!

Ahhh so much to learn…

Their 3 ranges of Lotion (toner)

I asked about their packaging. How on earth do they appeal to the Malaysian market with this? If it was a layman like me not knowing about Hada Labo, I would just think hmmm Japanese writing, must be eyelash glue.

But the amazing thing is people don’t care! They have so many fans in Malaysia who still use the product despite having no idea what it says on the label. Plus, there is English writing if you turn to the back of the bottle.

Red rangeHada Labo’s Retinol Lifting + Firming Range

(A scientific way to say “use this and not look so old” range)

This range has 3 main ingredients: retinol, collagen and Hada Labo’s signature ingredient for hydration, Super Hyaluronic Acid (SHA). All to nourish skin and to protect from fine lines and wrinkles.

Mom would be so proud of me because I asked about the halal-ness of Hadalabo product. Is the product halal?

The Hada Labo team answered that they do not have the Halal certificate. But the products do not contain any alcohol, colorant, fragrant or mineral. All ingredients are from plant extracts or are synthetically produced. There are no animal derivatives! So yay!

So I’m good to go!

Some facts/tips:

1)   The Japanese don’t rub their skin with product. With Hada Labo, they pat all over the face gently. This is also to “massage” the face and improve blood circulation. So to my family members, if you’ve been hearing clapping noises in the toilet, I swear I’m not dancing and cheering for myself. I’m actually smacking my face.

2)   There is no cotton pad/bud involved in the Hada Labo range. Everything is easy and simple, all you need is the product, your fingers and your face.

3)   There are 2 types of moisturizers; cream and milk. Cream is for very dry skin as it is heavier, and might even leave a sticky effect. Milk is for normal to dry skin.

4)   One of Hada Labo’s best-selling item is their AHA/BHA Facial Wash. I even went to the pharmacy and got one for myself. I actually love it, I feel really clean and fresh afterwards.

5)   Hada Labo’s favourite ingredient is the Hyaluronic Acid which does wonders for hydration.

6)   Their Facebook fanpage has over 28,000 fans.

7)   A lot of the bloggers there were already Hada Labo’s fans and they had nothing but rave reviews about it.

Audrey and Cheesie




I’m wearing:


Pants: Topshop

Necklace: Minz Multi-Way

Bangles: House of Harlow


So I’ve been using it for over a week.

My honest reviews on it:

  • The AHA+BHA Face wash – There’s no harshness. Like you know some face washes make your skin feel so tight after? With Hadalabo, I felt clean and somewhat still soft.
  • The Retinol lifting and firming Lotion (toner) – My favourite! I’m so used to it and I feel like my skin is absorbing so much nutrients. Drink, skin, drink! It’s a translucent liquid and the best part is that you don’t have to use much. Just like 2 drops. So there’s value for money there.
  • The Retinol lifting and firming Essence – I use this at night for that EXTRA moisture. If you have very very dry skin, this is for you! The bottle is smaller than the rest.
  • The Retinol lifting and firming Milk – My day moisturizer.
  • The Retinol lifting and firming Cream – My night moisturizer. It’s creamy and much heavier than the Milk.

In my opinion, the milk and cream work well because I still felt no dryness even after hours wearing it (especially the cream). But the downside was that the moisturizers leave a slight sticky and shiny effect. But nothing that loose powder can’t fix.

  • The Retinol lifting and firming Mask – I love that it’s the “proper” mask. I’m one of the lazy ones that don’t like to rub stuff and wait for it to harden bla bla. I like these kind of masks that already holes in them for eyes, nose and lips. Plus you’ll look like this and can scare off your niece and nephew so you’ll get some quiet time. Hehe.

Earrings: Minz Freshwater Pearl Studs

Kaftan: Toots

When you take it out of the packet, it’s so wet because it’s soaked with good stuff for your skin. Left in on for 15 minutes, skin felt soft afterwards. They said you would wake up feeling amazing and super soft.

Overall, I can safely say I’m happy with the results. It puts me at ease that there’s no alcohol in the product because alcohol is harsh for sensitive skin like mine. And I don’t get dry patches here and there anymore, so I know it’s working for me in terms of hydration.

I am a Hada Labo fan now!

You will only really know once you try it, so Hada Labo yourself up!

Haipp! Arigato! *bows*

Hada Labo is available at Guardian and ranges from RM 55.90 to RM 75.90.