miss jekyll and hyde

May 16, 2011

Today was largely construction mode for me. And I miss being all shiny and sweaty!!!

It was raining men for me today. Had almost 20 men around me.

Ahhhh my sweet glamorous life.

You know how I always complain about the lack of ladies in the construction industry? I’m being proved wrong more and more each time I meet a new company. In every 5 men or so, there will be one iron lady. And she usually will be the one who gets treated the nicest and all the men respond to her silent but firm body language. Fooohhh the power of lady. *blows nails*

Oh btw!!!! Proudduck hit the 3 MILLION MILESTONE today!!! 3 million hits up till today. Thank you for coming back! I’ll write more often 🙂 But not before I get some me time. You should really see my nails, hair roots, tornado of a room, hurricane of a closet….hehe. Oh well, that’s what being dual is all about. I have my days. Some days I want to be all Natalie Massenet, owner of an online shopping fashion website. Other days I just want to be a messy contractor. Today is the latter. I’ll sort myself out tomorrow. Hehe.