my kakak

May 29, 2011

My kakak left to her hometown for a holiday and I flooded the airport. I was like “Why you want to go back so long??? Don’t you love me anymore???”

Gosh, I’m so attached to her you have no idea. Besides my mom, she took care of me since I was like 10! She knows my every move, my every facial expression and everything I like and dislike. She’s just so amazing and I am veryyy manja with her. When I’m upset, she will just listen to me and make me Milo dinosaur to calm me down. When she’s upset, I’ll just tickle her until she laughs and forgets her sorrow.

She cooks for the family, so I was thinking how thin I will be when she goes away. But then, I went home, opened the fridge and saw so many tupperwares of food that she cook and froze for all of us to eat while she’s away. God bless her heart.