May 31, 2011

I’ve been a bit overwhelmed this past week and this coming week too.

So many things are happening that I have to oversee or attend, that I have been so behind on blogging. Usually I still have the energy to blog even at 2 am before I sleep, but whoa nowadays, I see a bed, I tune off. I am very sorry to be slow in replying emails from readers, it’s really not on purpose!

FV came out on the newspaper last Wednesday. Two publications at once! Woohoo.

Utusan Malaysia

The Star

A little snippet of my life last week:

Planning the Tom Abang Saufi event with their tea. There’s so many things involved behind an event! And I don’t believe in hiring an event planner, so I did all the follow ups and press release myself.

Top: Pink Jambu

Necklace: Baci

Still attending fashion shows to check out trends and new designers

(MODA wasn’t last week)

Last week suddenly I was invited to a lot of photoshoots and I’m so grateful, but mann I was so tired!

I had the best offer of all last week; The Star Rage invited me to guest-write for a column called DressCode where I will be writing about anything fashion. I had to write my first article speedy Gonzales mode because for the first time in a long time, I had a deadline.

The first article will come out tomorrow and even though I know what I wrote, I’m still nervous! Haha. They wanted the first article to be about how FV started, so for those readers who already know, sorry to bore you with the same story!

I had a tour of The Star office where all the writers work work work! The office is hugeeee!

Hi Niki Cheong.

He likes Eclipse mints; man’s got them in blue and green on his desk.

They have a corner where they chill. Sofa, guitar, and what I think is a microwave?

It was quite cool to be in the place where The Star is produced. One day, I’d like to visit the factory where they print the hundreds of thousands of newspapers DAILY. I was told the machine prints so fast that all you see is a straight line!

I will also be involved in a charity campaign with Carmen Soo, Daphne Iking, Lina Teoh, Xandria Ooi and Hannah Lo. I can’t give out details yet, but we had the video and photoshoot last week and it was great! Can’t wait for the campaign to be launched. It’s really a wonderful cause.

Then I spent a day in Melaka which was a lot of fun, also a mini break for me. But it was so hot that I felt a bit sick.

Headband: AzuraAzwa

Top: PU3 Easy Blouse

Skirt: Pua Skirt by Tom Abang Saufi

Then of course the Tas Iman by Tom Abang Saufi event last Saturday. It was a fun collaboration and I will definitely blog about it once I get all the pictures.

On top of all that, I still had my usual meeting with designers, a little bit of construction work, the usual new arrivals on Monday and Thursday. The uploading every time is a lot of tedious work and minute details. Thank God I don’t do all of the actual uploading anymore, but I am very much hands-on with the process and I never publish before being satisfied.

So yeah, that was a snippet of my week.

This week, I foresee a lot of happenings too but this weekend, I am going to switch off my phone and just sleep well.

Hope we’ll all have a productive week ahead!