May 27, 2011

Oh my, I’ve missed blogging. I have so many things to write but I just couldn’t find the time and now, it’s all slipped my mind. Boo.

No, I haven’t jetsetted anywhere or shaking my legs nicely. I’ve actually been working, sleeping very little and looking like this most of the time!

Cardigan: Poya

I don’t even wear much make-up anymore. Gasp. There are a lot of collaborations and projects that FV is preparing for right now and I guess I’m just a bit overwhelmed. Perhaps it’s time to hire a project manager.

Anyway, we’re doing up the office now to add in more furniture and stuff. Something I disagree with because I love having big space and the open concept, but I know that we’re expanding and we need more furniture and equipment. I was researching furniture when Dean told me not to waste money and just use his dad’s unused furniture for the office.

But they were all in a warehouse in Melaka. “Omg, how are we going to get them?”

“Drive there la!”


A few days later, I found myself in Melaka.

I’ve never been to Melaka, so it was half work, half sightseeing for me. Though we only got to sightsee in the car, Melaka’s full of heritage! I’m not familiar with the roads there, but we went past this area called Jonker Walk, apparently a tourist site. Rows of shoplots and restaurants, it must be full of people walking during the weekend.

I was snapping away in the car, taking pictures of anything!

The Baboon House. Hehe.

There were lots of these kind of doors and architecture. I think this one says “Welcome to Melaka.” Hahahah.

It was a little bit of an adventure because our car broke down for a few minutes.

Some of us were trying to see what was wrong with it.

The rest of us (i.e. me) were ummm…a bit distracted by something else.

Top: Lilou

Wish I could have stayed longer in Melaka. Would’ve loved to see our history and famous tourist sites. Next time hopefully.

In the car, we were quizzing each other about the history of how Parameswara discovered Melaka.

“Ummm…ok, so he saw a white pelanduk kicking a dog…eh, no….a white dog kicking a pelanduk….into a….forest? No…river, I think….”

“Then, something about some buah Melaka falling off a tree….so then, he decided, “Ahhh…what a beautiful place. I’m going to call this place Melaka…”

“Isn’t buah melaka the green kuih we eat?”

“How did he know to name this place Melaka??”

We really need to brush up on our Sejarah days.