sister’s love

May 2, 2011

My sister and I are 7 years apart. I only came into this world when she was already 7, all princess-y and demanding. I was the long awaited child my parents had wanted (ahem *bows*), as usual, always late to everything, even her own debut.So of course, everyone ooh-ed and aah-ed over this new baby. (I want to say adorable, but you should really look at my baby pics…..eeeekkk)

My sister wouldn’t have any of that. She was THE princess, and what on earth is this thing stealing her spotlight.


So we grew up always fighting. Mom would put us in matching clothes and I loved it! I would be so proud holding my sister’s hand, and she would smile but then pinch me when Mom’s not looking. I would just go to her room and break one of her Barbie doll’s heads.Secretly, I adored her and wanted to be her. When she was in boarding school, I’d sneak into her room and just steal one of her pens to feel close to her. Funny, the meaner you are to someone, the more that someone loves you.

I was an idiot. Haha.

Anyway, blood is thicker than water. And like most siblings, we grew closer and closer as we grow older and realise we needed each other to cover up when one is sneaking off to a mall with her friends.

“Where’s Along?” My Mom would ask.


She’s really in Genting having fun with her friends.

“Where’s Vivy?” My mom would ask.

“I don’t know anything! She is NOT at a mall.”


Not such a good liar, my sister.

With my sister and I, we really got closer when I went off to London. I missed her so much that I would call her everyday when I was walking to the tube station to go to uni. And then when I got off the tube station, I’d continue our call until I got to the classroom. And then again after class. I don’t know how we have so much to say to each other everyday. Until now!

I’ll let you in on a little secret. My sister and I have a “Sister’s Day”. Every 1st of May, it would be our day to spend time together, to have sleepovers and stuff. It’s silly but it brings us closer. Every 1st of May, we’d get excited and we’d have a competition to see who remembers to wish first.

Yesterday was our Sister’s Day. So we brought the kids to brunch and while the kids played with plastic cutlery, my sister and I talked for hours. About love, life, career, make-up, everything under the sun.

A big kiss for my sister.

I’m wearing my new everyday earrings, Minz freshwater pearls. They’re so simple and elegant!

With all those food in our stomachs, my sister and I even made a pact to go to become gym buddies and go to the gym every morning after Subuh. We paused for a second, laughed at our wishful thinking and ate some more. Gym.  hahahahah. You really say the silliest things when you’re full.

I love you Along. I was forced to say that as a child, but now, the love is somewhat there and it’s totally my choice! 😀  It’s always been just the two of us and I’m so grateful I have a sister like you (woudn’t be saying that 10 years ago). Happy Sister’s Day! I’ll buy you new Barbie dolls, for God’s sake!! (She’s still not over her headless Barbies)