May 12, 2011

I’ve been having delayed London withdrawal symptoms lately. I miss the life there. Not that I don’t love my country and all, but having spent 5 years anywhere, you’re bound to think about those times sometimes.

I don’t miss the food or the cold shivery weather that can make my ears fall off if I don’t wear those hideous furry headphone thingy. But I think I miss the carefree-ness of it all. Not having anything to worry about except having your parents come to make a surprise visit and see you’re actually in Barcelona for a beach weekend with your friends. (Hi Daddy, I love you :))

It was really nice during springtime. That was my favourite time. The weather was breezy and the sun was out, just a light cardigan will do and gasp, you get to wear sunglasses! What a privilege to look cool there. My friends and I would walk to the park and have picnic, we can’t do that here because it’s too hot and dangerous to walk anywhere and we’ll all end up moody because of all the mosquitoes in Lake Garden. We used to also have dinner and then hang out at someone’s house after to have a Singstar battle or a noisy Taboo showdown. We can’t do that anymore because most of live with parents again and we have to respect their home privacy. And plus, everyone works and have their own lives now, including me!

I think I really want a holiday getaway with friends. But I just can’t find the time because there’s something going on, either with work, family duties or events. πŸ™

So last weekend, instead of moping around about how the only thing we can do in KL is eat, I decided to love all that my country has to offer.

In London, I used to visit monuments and places. And I realised I know more about London than my own city!! So, spontaneously, on the way to KL, I took a left turn to go to Tugu Negara! To actually get down from the car and touch it, not just go “Oh nice” when I see a picture of it.

There was an ice-cream guy in front who was standing there the whole time. God bless him and his yummy ice-cream!!

Dean: Wow, the Tugu is nice!!


Ah tulah, nak pergi international school sangat. Tiang macam tu pun dia cakap tugu negara.

Headband: AzuraAzwa

Top: Nana G Naf Top (also in black…white sold out)

Pants: Topshop

Ice-cream: Lime with vanilla, my favourite!!

The walkway to the Tugu. The little lake-like pond was pretty…Clean water and the little lotus… very serene…

Just look at the detail. You can see the hair lines, the creases of the clothes, the shoelaces! It’s very well-done, but too bad, it was too hot, you had to squint to see. Even that, you can’t really admire it. Only when I see the pictures in my camera, I’m like woahhh it was nice! These guys must’ve been handsome in their young lives! Hehe.

Nah, read yourself!

I felt all giddy after visiting Tugu Nugara. I’ve touched the marble, the walls, the names of people engraved. There weren’t many people around, but we went at about 4-ish. When we were walking out, tour buses were rolling in and it was getting livelier and livelier. It was nice to see.

I just wish there were more things to do around there. I was only there for 10 minutes and I was done with everything. I wished people could have picnics around there, and there were more cafes/restaurants along the road where people can eat outdoor and enjoy family time. But of course, the reality is no one really walks here, and the businesses there might not survive because there isn’t enough crowd. πŸ™

Ok, now where should I visit next weekend??