anyong haseyo

June 27, 2011

I love Korean food. The concept of cooking right in front of me makes me feel secure that the food is clean and stuff. God knows what they do when they marinate it in the kitchen, but whatever I don’t see, it’s ok.

But I can never pretend to be Korean because they love vegetables and well, I don’t. I don’t understand the abundance of these small vegetable dishes they like to put around the grill. Obstructs my digging-into-steak-on-the-grill skills.

Ox tongue. I don’t understand how people can eat tongues. It’s like frenchkissing a cow.

You have to always be careful what you wear when eating Korean food because whooshhh just a minute sitting near the grill and your whole ensemble stinks of BBQ. I chose to wear a very simple long sleeved dress from H&M that I never wore before! And I paired it with the gorgeous and luxurious AzuraAzwa bib necklace that they made especially 🙂 I got so many compliments about that necklace. Wouldn’t have worn it just for lunch, don’t worry! I actually had an event to go to.

The launch of Berrybow, a new Malaysian clothing brand that features a lot of Korean designs. Very affordable stuff!

It was a pretty unique event in that it was a sit down luncheon in a classy ballroom and it was also in collaboration with WAO (Women’s Aid Organisation). Part of proceeds of tickets and sales go to charity.

I like events that give back!

Berrybow even caught the attention of Malaysian supermodel Amber Chia who guest-modeled for their launch.

They also sold some Berrybow clothes there and really, I spent most of the time We of course did some shopping there and then. Couldn’t resist.

Berrybow will be on FV starting July, so wait for the collection then!