astro awani entrepreneur

June 24, 2011

We had the a special guest coming to our office earlier this month. Astro Awani’s Entrepreneur show chose FV as one of their weekly episodes and interviewed me on how I became an entrepreneur. It was such an honor because I always watch the show and feel inspired by the entrepreneurs they feature, and I can’t believe now I was actually on the other side of the screen.I mean, what do I know, seriously?!

Azean (one of the most awesome producers I’ve ever met!) fixing my microphone feeling me up.

TV host Ben Ibrahim asking me difficult questions!

Me probably saying something silly

They wanted us to act natural and just continue doing work. I definitely cannot be an actress.

The thirtyfour accessories samples that we were going through

Azean interviewing Wawa

Wawa said I’m a cool boss. Sob. *happy tears*

Ben interviewing Dean

The whole thing took half a day but it felt so short. Was nice having them around and I want to thank them so much for giving me the honour of being on the show.

When it aired, I was cringing and I actually felt sick! At least live interviews, I can’t watch myself. But this one was pre-recorded and seriously, seeing myself on TV makes me sick. I had so many things to say!! My hair, my top, my laugh, my ummss, my answers. Nothing was right and I was hugging the pillow the whole night. Haha. I chose to watch it with Opah alone in the room while the others watched outside because the other monkeys (i.e. Dean and my sister) would just make fun of me.

Opah had her mouth open the whole time since she doesn’t understand English.

“Amende ko cakap tu?” (What on earth are you talking about?)

Then when Ben asked what my favourite food was at the end, I said kuey teow goreng.

“Ahhh kuey teow goreng aku paham.” And she laughed so loud because she finally understood what the whole interview was about = food.


For those who missed it,they had eight repeats throughout the week.

There are still four left.

Astro Awani Channel 501

Entrepreneur Repeats

SATURDAY (tomorrow)

5.30 pm


12.30 am

6.00 am

6.30 pm