circus wedding

June 10, 2011

Seriously I don’t know how people do it!! This is my first time having one of my best friends get married and man, I’m not taking it so well. I still don’t speak to B (yeah, we both call him B…Baby for Asma’, something else that starts with B for me :P). It’s bad enough she has to go live with some boy, but worse if she has to go live with him in another country!!!

I see her so rarely now that I have to do this whenever we part.

Headband: AzuraAzwa

Top: PU3

Skirt: Tom Abang Saufi

Asma’ knows I won’t have the patience to sit with her and prepare for the wedding stuff. I mean, the other day, I went to her house while they were putting cookies in the packaging for guests on the day. I ended up eating the cookies. I’m pretty useless la.

So, she gave me the task of finding her a photobooth for her wedding. (Hence the desperation in the previous post for a photobooth). Thank you so much for all your suggestions. I have exhausted all of them, called the numbers you gave and went to all of the places you mentioned! But no….the whole of KL doesn’t provide photobooths like that.

Gahhh!! I went everywhere, even went to Sungai Wang! By the end of the day, I was so tired, I pretty much looked like this.

Top: Gallo Limited Edition

Pants: Dorothy Perkins

I was so frustrated throughout the weeks of finding this photobooth, that I started booking popcorn and cotton candy booths for her wedding. The party shop said it would be so much fun, and I was like, “Ah ok la, can la. Sounds fun…sigh… Can the popcorn be green and pink cos that’s the theme of the wedding.” I’m turning her wedding into a circus.

As for the photobooth, we settled for an “open studio” type of photo corner with a physical photographer.

Thank God Bridezilla was ok with this idea.

Necklace: Eltii

Now I can move on with my life.

She knows deep down I’m excited for her, and I told her today “9 DAYS TO THE WEDDING!!!!”

And she went, “Shut up, don’t remind me!! I’m nervous!!”

My reply: “Awww it’s ok! It’s just cold feet. You’re excited that you’re marrying a wonderful guy who you love and loves you!”

HAHAHHAHAHAHA. No way. THIS was my actual reply:

“It’s ok, you can still cancel. It’s not too late.”