finger lickin good

June 13, 2011

Events are just not fun without your friends there.

We went to an intimate Dior event last week and it’s just so much fun with the 3 of us together. Surrounded by gorgeous designer clothes and handbags and accessories and purses and shoes and scarves and omggggg I WANT ALL.

Some of the outfits I like:

At the last event, the guy was telling us about the store music. That whatever you hear at the Dior store here is the same music that plays at the Dior store in Paris at the same time. Yeah ok, but I was more interested in my future wedding dress. It was this gorgeous fuschia dress with the top half heavily beaded, the back dropped with heavy beading as well.

And it was still there!!!!

Ahhhhh pengsan…

Asma’ was all like GO TRY IT ON and even called the salesperson to take it off the mannequin. I said no, of course. You can’t just try on a Dior dress without your tiara and bodyguards. Sigh, so uncultured la that girl.

But I did touch it and flirt with it a little. Be. Mine.

With Liza. She was also being a devil asking me to buy it.

It was RM 50K.

*Rolls of hill laughing*

Ahhh now that would be a fun conversation to have with my dad.

So I sat back down to Earth.

The waiter came with some champagne. “What’s that?” I pointed to the other drink choice.

“Ver jhen maga ree ta”


Asma’ was getting embarrassed. “Virgin Margarita, deaf! Just take it please, don’t embarrass me.”

I’ve never had Margarita in my life, Virgin or not. So I didn’t actually know what it was.

It was lemonade.


Asma’ looked at Wawa. “Eeee, dia cakap dia belajar kat London, tapi Margarita pun tak tau…. Lepas tu nak pergi Dior event.”

Why don’t they just call it lemonade. Sheesh.

After we indulged in some Dior madness, we did what we do best.

Camwhore around the store.

Wawa was being all mommy, telling Asma’ and I to sit down and behave.

Did we listen??

Uh no…

Top: DUSK till DAWN

Skirt: Topshop

Clutch: Dalybags

People are supposed to have fun at events! Not sit and pout like you’re so unhappy with life!!

After the event, we were so hungry that we went downstairs to eat at the food area. 5-star food, bad service. So we left and went for a much happier meal.

Ahhh nothing like KFC at midnight.