gold medalist

June 25, 2011

“Wanna come for the kids’ Sports Day tomorrow?”

Ok, I don’t want to be mean. I love my nephew and niece more than I love Chanel, but really, hundreds of children around me? Aiyoh…. And to make it worse, it was their sports day which actually requires them to scream and shout and run around. *cringe*

I really had better things to do, I thought.


I didn’t.

Went to nephew and niece’s sports day recently, I’m very sure out of guilt more than anything. The things you do for love, seriously.

What do you wear to a sports day? This pre-school’s sports day was special, it was a fancy one done indoors. So I thought jeans, plain white top and flats would do. I quickly changed to wedges when I realised I better be taller than all the kids there. My outfit was too plain, I thought. So I found a Pink Jambu scarf and wrapped it around my neck. Sunnies, check. Bring it on, kids.

10 minutes later, I was clinging on to my sister because kids kept running into me when I was carefully carrying the free Vico drinks from the van outside. Free Vico drinks, this preschool is cool, man. I can’t remember my sports day anymore, but I’m pretty sure it was just 10 kids throwing balls at each other and a certificate ceremony after. Certificates printed from the preschool printer.

Anyway, almost spilled Vico on my white top. Seriously, what do kids see when they run? And why do they cry when someone takes their toy?? Why cry when you can just grab it back?! Simple as ABC.

But sigh….when I saw nephew and niece running out there playing all sorts of games, I became all cheerleader-ish. I already looked like a bimbo next to all the moms there, all I needed were pompoms to complete the look. I was standing next to the cones shouting “Come on, come on!!! Focus!!!” to my nephew. Then back to my camera snapping pictures of him dragging a tennis ball with a hula hoop. Then back to “Faster!!! Go go!!”

Instead of being grateful, he completely ignored me!!! He acted like he didn’t know me!! The nerve of that kid. If I didn’t understand the importance of being cool, I would’ve kissed him all over in front of his friends. Pull up his shirt and kiss him on the tummy. Yep, Maksu will take it to the next level, kid.

Went home, joined Opah on her bed and I was flat. Kids take a lot of energy huh?

Top: Warehouse

Scarf: Pink Jambu

Bangle: Thirtyfour Yellow Nars

I’m so rude, I don’t know why Opah doesn’t just throw me out the window, seriously.

But before that, nephew and niece were so excited showing their gold medals to Opah.

Her face lit up and she was beaming and grinning, I thought she would throw kenduri kesyukuran or something. She was going on and on about what geniuses nephew and niece were and how they are going to excel in life. When I saw this picture, I noticed she was giving the thumbs up!! That’s an effort on her part, moving her fingers (God knows how many times I’ve asked her to give me the peace sign and she malas). Awww such a proud great grandma 🙂

Of course no one told her that every single kid in that preschool got a gold medal.