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June 13, 2011

Father’s Day is this weekend! (You’re welcome for the reminder :))

My dad’s been so busy traveling and I’ve been so busy setting up FV, that we hardly see each other! And we live in the same house!! I can’t imagine working girls who don’t live with their parents. How many times do you see them?? It’s quite hard to juggle family and work sometimes, don’t you think?

My dad really is my life advisor slash warden slash hero slash so many other things. If he knew how to style me and organise my schedule, mannn I would say bye bye to Asma’ long time already. HAHAAHHA.

Growing up with him wasn’t easy though. He is one the strictest fathers ever with very high expectations of his children. I wrote before that if I got 100% for a test, he’d say very good, next time get 110%. Stress you know! Haha. If I got a B for test, ahhh forget it la. Hide the results in my underwear drawer.

That was primary school. Come secondary school, boys started popping up in my life and heart shapes started appearing in my notebook. Even though I had no idea what love was, every ok-looking boy in school was the one I was going to marry.

My dad started getting white hair at this point. Scratching his head while his princess doodled “V AND *all sorts of different letters* 4EVA” on rough paper. It’s funny now but at that time, boyyyy I was so scared of him. He’s not the type that would close one eye over things. No way. He would check my phone bill and anything longer than 5 minutes, he would ask me what could a 12 year old possibly ramble on for an hour. There was one time when a boy called the house phone and unfortunately for the poor boy, my dad picked up.

“Hello??” The boy asked innocently.

“……HELLO!” My dad answered.


“La…lost his voice already. Why don’t you go pray instead? It’s Maghrib already.”

Never heard from the boy again.

Years went on with similar events, but now, I realised how worried my dad has been. He keeps saying it’s really not easy to have daughters. Daughters are much bigger responsibilities for fathers, and I guess in some ways that is true. My dad was like a Spartan fly-kicking any scrawny boy that came near.

I’m an adult now and he always says whoever I choose as my husband, he will allow, but he trusts that he has given me enough knowledge on what to search for in a leader. I agree. It’s easy to find a boyfriend, but finding a husband is another story. I love talking to my dad about all these stuff (now, not back then *shivers*) and he would have all sorts of advice. I can see it’s not easy for a dad to just “give” his daughter away like that, it must be painful for them. But no matter what, it will have to happen and the only thing fathers can do is pray that their daughters will have the most amazing life partners.

So that’s why, when thinking of a Father’s Day competition for FV, I thought of this bittersweet dilemma of fathers and turned it into something that’s relatable to all.

Because I’m sure everyone’s heard that phrase from their dads before. I can’t even put my finger on one thing, I have a whole list from my dad.

Submissions have closed and contest ends tomorrow. I blogged too late HAHA.But please do vote for your favourite answers here. Some are pretty hilarious!

This contest is extra special because Dreamgirls sponsored not one, but FOUR tickets to watch Dreamgirls musical at Istana Budaya.

Remember the movie Beyonce was in?

I can’t wait to see the Malaysian version!!

I’m sure you guys have seen the hype everywhere in the media.

One of the cast Ruzanna sang at our event recently and she was gooooood.

I’m actually really excited about this play! Our own Malaysian recreating Dreamgirls, that’s amazing. Alia said I might be able to watch them rehearse, that’ll be super awesome if I could watch and share with you guys!

But for now, there will be one lucky contestant who can win FOUR tics to the play. So help him/her by Like-ing the submission. Click here.


And today I’m extra giddy because……FV MEN launches TOMORROW on the website!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so nervous!