partypack time

June 16, 2011

Dear Niece,

Tomorrow you turn 3 or 4 I’m not sure, I can’t remember. But it’s your birthday!!!

Today you were a bit difficult. Merajuk here and there, but some of us like it when you merajuk. Our floors get swept clean.

Yes, you are a drama queen. You’d even do that in toy stores.

Opah, Mama and Maksu hung out that night. Instead of gossiping about you, you know what we did? We packed your party packs!

Your friends got all sorts of goodies that will make their moms mad at your mom.

Cloud 9, Twisties, Dairy Milk = stuff moms won’t let their kids eat because they actually want them for themselves.

Opah and Mama put the items in all the party packs, and BukNa tied them together for your friends.

Don’t say Maksu didn’t help! I did. But it was too hard.

We had to count each item so all party packs are the same. But I kept forgetting what I put in cos Mama bought too much junk, so I’m pretty sure a few kids got some extra Mentos. Tell them Maksu said You’re Welcome.

Tomorrow you will have a big cake with your pre-kindy friends (who you’re probably never going to see again as an adult). Even though I’m not invited (dont apologise. 30 screaming kids = not really Maksu’s scene), I want to wish you a VERY HAPPY 3RD OR 4TH BIRTHDAY. You bring so much joy to all our lives with just your infectious smile and we all love you soooooo much.

By the way, you did a big booboo on Maksu’s pants the other day. My brand new Zara pants! I keep scolding you, but you just laugh and move on with your life. But you just wait. On your 18th birthday, don’t be shocked when you get a big box of drycleaning bills for all those times you ruined my clothes.