poor bum

June 21, 2011

You know what really disrupts life? Allergies.

Sighh…. I’m definitely a cheap date because I can’t eat seafood. I can only wink at expensive lobsters, prawns and shellfish from afar.

This was what happened to me last Saturday.


I ate TWO prawns.




And whoooshhh in an hour, my face had red spots, my body was red everywhere. Usually, I eat them anyway (because I have no self control) and will probably get one or two dots on my arm that will go away in a few minutes. But I think because I’m also a bit sick, my immunity isn’t as strong.

So yes, my mom and Dean forced me to go to the doctor.

After some resistance, I finally said, “Fine….Let me put on my make up first, then we go.”

They both gave me a you’re-beyond-help look and said “No. We’ll go now.”

I just grabbed one of Opah’s black scarf and practically covered my whole face with it, hiding in shame.

I looked HORRIBLE, seriously.

So I went to the doctor and what a treat, I actually met with World’s Meanest Doctor. Have you met WMD?? I should’ve asked for her autograph.

I am never going to that 24-hour clinic ever again.

She was horrible. When my mom and I walked in, she was like, “Ah, kenapa…”

I explained to her and she didn’t move a muscle. “Nak cucuk ke nak pil?”

I asked her how long will it take to heal if I had a jab.

“10 minutes or so.”

I asked her how long it will take to heal if I took a pill.

“Saya tak tahu. Saya bukan Tuhan.”

Ok…so you’re only God when it comes to poking needles in people, got it.

“Alamak…saya takut dengan jarum!” I wailed softly.

Usually a doctor with good patience and being kind in nature would say, “It’s ok…it doesn’t hurt. It’ll be like semut gigit.” Who cares if the doctor’s lying through his teeth, at least he’s calming the patient!

This one said, “Suka hati awaklah. Cucuk ke pil ni?”

Ishhh!! If you don’t care about people and your patience level is nil, whyyyy are you in a purely people-based industry?

I chose the jab and regret it till now.

She was not gentle at all, and she scolded me when she was jabbing me.

I’m sitting on one backside until today! I’m so scared to put pressure on the other bum.

After the jab, I couldn’t really feel my legs! I now know the importance of your backside. Your backside doesn’t function, your legs don’t function! I limped all the way to the car, one hand covering my face and the other comforting my bum, ignoring the Drama Queen remarks I got from Mom and Dean. They weren’t the ones with almost-paralysed buttocks, what do they know.