stag and hen

June 23, 2011

You guys made me feel so loved with all your comments on the allergy post! Thank you 🙂

My nephew was so sweet to me.

“Maksu siccckkkkkkkk…..Waaahhhhh….!”

(That was me, btw)

*drops his dinosaur and ran to me* “Maksu sick? Why?”

“I ate prawns.”

“Oh no!” *both palms to cheek “Which prawns? I will scold the prawns. Maksu want ubat? I give you special ubat ok?”

And then he pulls me and kisses my forehead.


I am now back at work, see??

Top: Yadotsa

Pants: Zara

Anyway, as promised here are some pictures from Asma’s hen night. I can’t put up tak-senonoh pictures of most of them there because they are all hijab-wearers, so please enjoy these few pictures.

The theme was 80s, I had no idea who these 80s personalities were.

Necklace: Nana G

Dress: Old Blossom Box

Hen night is of course not in our culture, but for me, I think it’s just a good excuse for the bride and her girlfriends to just play games, laugh and enjoy each other’s company before she ends her single life and concentrate on her husband.

This was actually my first ever Hen Night and I was so jakun because it was so fun!! Playing Wedding Taboo and stuff. Sad, right? Cos Asma’ is probably the closest person in my life to get married first. I mean, yeah, there’s my sister but she didn’t have a hen night because my parents don’t believe in fun.

“After 21, you shouldn’t be playing any more games. You should be focusing on your career and not be fooling around.”


Yeah yeah, I focus on career right after I blow this whistle and do the Macarena ok? Hehe.

Man, for my hen night one day, I’m going to Bali with my closest girlfriends. Michael Buble is going to jump out of my cake and sing me songs.