survival kit

June 29, 2011

I was hanging out with Opah today before I left for work, and I never realised how much stuff she has on her bed!!

My god, that woman has everything that she needs within her reach. Seriously, if she wanted to travel, all you have to do is pick her bed up with her in it, and she’ll survive anywhere.

Let’s see what she has there. Ok, granted half of what’s in there are her medicine. Other than that, her alarm clock, her cookies, her Quran, her reading glasses, her purse, her Chinese fan, her hot water bag, her mobile phone, her Yoko Yoko, her newspaper for some reading, a freaking calendar, her inner scarf, her 100 plus (“air seratus”), her minyak cap kapak, her cut-up tissue in perfect sizing for her nose (or so she says), and what looks like a giant yellow fork.

I just stared at it for a while.

“Opah! You have so much junk here!”

“I use all of them everyday, I don’t see a problem,” she looked worried that I was going to move them when she sleeps.

I snapped a picture as she was reaching for her clock, checking the time. (As if she’s late for a meeting)

“What are you doing? I don’t take pictures of your handbag. Now go to work, go, I have to sleep now.”

HAVE TO SLEEP. Pfftttt  -___-

But seriously, is this normal for all grandparents?

Or should we really think of getting her a little cupboard??