take my hand

June 29, 2011

I’ve come to a point in my life now where I’m being forced to open my eyes slowly. Being a young person in a business world, more and more I’m seeing people who would do anything and everything only for their own interest. Just like my dad told me. I see this in my line of construction, all sorts of people who would compromise their integrity for projects, I also see this in FV, all sorts of characters in the fashion world. For example, even when you’re talking to someone at an event, their eyes are wandering around to see who’s more beneficial for them to talk to.

It’s a superficial world, but can you blame them, really?

It’s nothing personal. It’s business.

Everybody needs to find rezeki and everybody wants their business to work. In some ways, we should admire these kind of people with steel spirits to succeed. We should take the good out of them like their courage and focus, and mould it to become our motivation too. But in ways that suit us best.

Unfortunately, we’re all human beings. We all have jealousy, sensitivity, anger, basically we have feelings. If we knew someone was only talking to us because we had something they wanted, we’d get turned off to help him. If we helped someone and they achieved something with our help and then turned their backs on us, we’d get angry. There’s always that devil telling us more things to fuel our disgust.

Just stop and think.

Why are we so angry? Why are we so repelled by other people’s success? Why is it that we need some sort of certificate of gratitude when we help someone?

Because we’re not sincere.

We’re doing it to get recognition. We’re only helping others because we want them to realise it and give something back to us. Either same form of help, loyalty, whatever it may be, the bottom line is we get hurt when others forget us because we have agendas of our own.

The solution?

Always support or help people because of God.

Realise that you will never be truly happy if you’re constantly seeking praises or reciprocation from people when you do something. Whenever you want to do a good deed, do it in the name of God, not in the name of a construction project. Because really, the only acknowledgment that will bring you far in life and afterlife, is God’s. Like my mom keeps telling me day in and day out, Rezeki ultimately comes from God, not people, so just keep working hard and have faith. Gosh I love my mom.