after 10 years

July 18, 2011

Some of you might know that I was from Sekolah Seri Puteri (now known as Cyberjaya Girls School). Toots and I came in Form 1 but I could only last for 1 1/2 years before I ran out of the gates with my luggage, leaving Toots behind. Boarding school wasn’t for me, but even though I was there for less than 2 years, I really made friends with such lovely people.

And tonight, after 10 years, I got to meet them again.

You know what I was afraid of? Forgetting their names!!

I mean, hello, TEN YEARS ok.

A friend of ours, Yana got married! Yayyy! She’s Johorian and my God!!! Johor people are so culture-rich when it comes to weddings.

Yana has had probably 10 events already; merisik, tunang, berendam, khatam Quran, berinai, akad nikah, bersiram, house reception, hotel reception, guy’s side reception. Homaigod. Such a headache just thinking about it. No, actually…. 10 events mean 10 wedding outfits. And that is with the assumption that there were no outfit changes during the events. (There was for this one *shakes head*)

So, yeah, it was time for the bride and groom to make their entrance, sit on their throne and have things thrown at their faces.

When the song started, suddenly Yana walked in alone….

Oh dear, I thought, she was so excited she forgot her husband.

But no…. apparently that was the tradition. The bride will walk in first and sit on the dais while someone covers her face with a fan.

The guy will come later and in order for him to see the bride, he has to make some kind of offering i.e. money, I think. Only when the bride thinks it’s enough, he is allowed to see her.

It’s totally fake, I mean, he’s more than “seen” her many times by now. But whatever! This Johor tradition is so cool. I have to have some Johor blood somewhere, please…

Then after the merenjis session, the parents come on stage and throw money at the guests. Yes, you read right. MONEY. Not only you get to have free dinner at Johor weddings, they give you money too!! Such generous beings, Johorians. I need more friends from Johor.

You see that girl in nude kurung, most front?

That, ladies and gentlemen, is my best friend.

Toots, trying to open the money packet that Sarah so kindly gave to me, because she thought it was chocolate.

Group picture

Fiza K was also there

My senior Saffiya. Remember the anonymous person who gave me a motivational Islamic book last year? I found out later it was from her! Such a kind-hearted person :”)

When we were about to leave, everyone was rushing to see somebody. “Omg, Pn Tengku, Pn Tengku!” they all said excitedly.


YM Pn Tengku was SSP’s Principal, who I was terrified of. You guys have no idea how naughty I was back in boarding school. I just hated boarding school, basically. Every single Friday, I would make up excuses to go home. I’d make up skin diseases that no doctor can cure, I’d make up fake aunts who died, I’d make up siblings’ weddings that I couldn’t miss. So many things, and I always had the best excuses that they just couldn’t say no to me going home for the weekend.

I was a warden’s nightmare.

And because of that, I’ve been into the Principal’s Office more times than necessary, that my nametag alone was enough for a VIP pass.

She looked the same tonight! And when she saw me tonight, she said, “Vivy….come here.”

*heart thumping*

Ahh…the familiar phrase. And this was usually followed by, “But Pn Tengku….I’m really not well…”

Wait a minute. I’m not in school anymore. I am not scared, I am not scared, I am not scared.

I went to her and received a big hug from her. She asked how I was and told me how proud she was reading my updates. (Who told her about my blog?! Confess now!)

I was so happy to see her after 10 years!!

So happy, that I forgot all about Yana. None of us bothered to take pictures with her because the line to see her was so long!

“Meh, who cares about her. She’s married! We’re the ones that should be taking pictures, we’re single!!” someone pointed out.

She had a point, so we continued taking pictures all night long.


Congratulations, Dr Ezyana!! Hurry pop out babies, Insyaallah.