dream cream?

July 22, 2011

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Ok product review time!

I read good reviews about the Loreal White Perfect Moisturizing Watery Cream:

After four weeks,

91.8% said skin feels hydrated

91.8% said skin is softer

95.9% said skin looks more radiant, brighter and luminous

89.8% said skin looks fairer

91.8& said skin’s dullness is diminished

The first and last bit of the above caught my eye.

I’m on the fair side, but I have very dull skin and more than ever now, my skin is getting drier and drier because I really don’t drink enough water when I’m running about.

I get very iffy about product reviews and I choose which ones to write about carefully. So you can probably tell that I like this cream already. Spoiler alert.

The cream claims to help with these issues:

1)   Hydration

2)   Fairness

3)   Radiance

4)   Freshness

5)   Lightweight-ness

6)   Instant absorption

7)   Non-stickiness

I can vouch now that the above claims are true. The cream has a watery texture, very smooth, light,  and absorbs pretty easily. When you put it on your skin, you’ll feel some fresh coolness and instant radiance because the cream has a slight shimmer. I love the fact that it’s non-sticky and non-heavy because I feel very suffocated with heavy moisturizers.

I have dark circles and a bit of dark spots due to acne scars from my teenage days, and this whitening cream claims to reduce the intensity due to the Melanin Block ingredient it has in it. I’m still relatively new to this cream, so I’m quite excited to see the results.

I know it’s a product review but after a week, I still haven’t stopped using it!

Sorry cropped Toots out cos she hates this picture.

This is my first time using a L’oreal product and I gotta say, I understand why people like L’Oreal. Easy application, fuss free and results are not bad even after a few days.

For RM 39 .90, it’s definitely a good buy! At the rate this cream is going, I am tempted to buy the whole range.