dreamgirls musical

July 22, 2011

I am so proud of Alia!!

She’s now a superstar, she’s on BROADWAY!!

Have you guys watched Dreamgirls? It ends of the 24th so you still have a few more shows to catch. Get your tickets here or you can even buy it on the day at Istana Budaya. I saw a booth there selling tickets.

The whole show, I couldn’t concentrate because my friends and I were busy trying to spot Alia. It wasn’t hard though. We knew right away everytime she came out. She can dance!! I never knew she could! Wild thing shaking her booty on stage.

The Istana Budaya people are pretty strict about any light-device in the hall. If you play with your handphone or you whip up your camera, they’ll zap that red laser pointer thing at you. Everyone will know you’ve done a booboo. Kinda like school where you have to stand up when you did something naughty. So, I could only sneak some pictures at the finale, when everyone was standing up anyway.

Hard to get a good shot of her. She kept moving!

The storyline is pretty much the same as Dreamgirls the Movie, but it’s interesting to see it being done by Malaysians, and LIVE.

I was particularly impressed by Tony Eusoff and Elvira Arul. Those two can reallyyyyyyy sing!! I got goosebumps. My sister kept poking me and asking “Are you sure they’re Malaysians??” Sheeshh so much faith in Malaysia -___-

What I wore:

Top: Lou&Li

Skirt: PU3

Have any of you been to the show yet? What’d you think??