July 6, 2011

You know what I recently discovered?

I can’t sing.

I’ve been boasting to people that I’m a good singer because Singstar tells me I’d have a Platinum record thingy. Well, Singstar lies.

My sister recorded me while I was singing to her, and when I heard it back, I vowed never to sing again for the rest of the day.

So when Alia told me about Broadway Academy in Malaysia, the inner me was screaming and about to sign up and audition, but the outer me was all composed and nodding gracefully. This time, I had to face the reality. That I can sing….but my voice should only be between me and my shampoo bottle.

Alia’s been working soooo hard for Dreamgirls musical that is about to start very very soon this month!! SheΒ  even had to take leave for a couple of months from her dayjob. I remember her telling me about it before everybody else even knew about it, and we were both saying how July’s still a long way more. Now it’s here!! Time just goes whoooshhh sometimes don’t you think?

Anyway, I hardly see her anymore because she’s just Dreamgirls day and night everyday!! Training for a musical is really hardcore, it’s hardowrk everyday. In her head, she’s remembering lines and dance moves, she probably even sleepdances in the middle of the night. When I talk to her now, I get very delayed response that sometimes I’m staring at my phone thinking I asked her this 10 hours ago, what on earth is she on about.

The only way we communicate is through BB and her sending pictures of her getting her make up done for a shoot.

With her permission, I’ll share with you exclusive rehearsal pics of the cast and crew of Dreamgirls. Remember them now, they gonna be famous yo!!!



I can’t wait to see all theses pictures come to life soon!

Some famous cast:

Cheryl Samad who will be playing Deena Jones (lead role, the one Beyonce played!)

Azura Zainal

Ruzana Ibrahim

Tony Eusoff

The whole cast all composed

The whole cast all wacky!

Excited to see Alia sing. Throughout our friendship, I’ve never heard her sing. I have high hopes, gurrlll!

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