friday traffic

July 2, 2011

There is something I hate more than vegetables.

Friday traffic.

Oh my goddddd. It was torture. One road and it took us one hour to pass. It was one of those moments where you’d actually want to lift up your car with your arms above your head and just go “Excuse me, coming through, coming through.. Tepi sikit please…”

I didn’t know what to do, so I was just BBM-ing friends and whining about the traffic.

Then, my phone battery died!! I’m getting this more and more these days. My phone does not stop beeping with work and personal emails and calls, and sometimes, Wawa has to take the phone away from me because I get so stressed that another beep will just make me throw the phone away. I really understand why some people have PAs now. My phone used to last me till 10 pm, but now the battery dies at like 5 pm. I have to bring my charger to work now.

As much as I dislike my phone, I actually can’t live without it. I feel very incomplete when I get disconnected from the world.

I’m grateful I have my laptop and YES Huddle that I bring everywhere so I can get on the world wide web anytime, especially during stressful depression-inducing times like traffic jams. Grrr.

I watched some Rules of Engagement, I surfed FB, I checked out FV. Did lots of things for another hour, yet it didn’t feel that long.

But I had cramps when I got out of the car. There’s no avoiding that, really.