hospital rockin

July 26, 2011

My niece is warded and I just want to be with her all the time. I miss her so much!!

It’s nothing serious. She’s just got a little infection, but babies shouldn’t go through this!!

You know what I’m most afraid of? Ok, needles…but worse, the needles that leave a tube into your hand so nurses can readily insert liquid into your body.

OH. MY. GOD. My hands feel weak just typing this.

I hear a lot of ladies have to go through that when in labour. Na-ah. No way man. No doctor, however handsome and charming he is, is going to stick a tube in the back of my hand. I will do it back to him and go “You like this? Huh, you like this?!” I’d rather mix the medicine in my teh ais and drink it. I’ll shake myself so it’ll enter my vein. Somehow.

So when I saw my little adorable niece with that tube stuck to her, I wanted to burst into tears! She looked miserable. But I found out later that she looked like that because she needed a diaper change. So maybe I’m the only chicken around here.

Then food came, so of course the attention shifted.

I’ve never stayed in a hospital before. Hospitals give me sad memories because my late grandma practically lived in the hospital for 3 years.

But this experience was different. My sister and I were together, the TV was on and we had niece whining and mumbling on about pain. It was kind of “meriah”, if you know what I mean.

You get food delivered along with dessert, you have a fridge full of canned drinks people buy you, you get a comfy bed that bends in any way you want, you get your very own TV that you can literally watch even when you sleep, you suddenly get balloons and flowers from your family, and you get nurses coming in at intervals asking if you’re ok. Well, I’m fine, thank you, how are you today, nurse?

You basically get to live in your bed without your parents nagging. HOW NICE!!

If it wasn’t for social norm, I would probably check myself in for fun.

Of course I would take all this back if God forbid, I was actually admitted.