lazy bum

July 12, 2011

I’m quite a fast person in the sense that if I want something, I will try and get it yesterday. I don’t wait around and I’m not the complacent sort of person.

But there are exceptions; biggest one of all being the one and only place where even the most commitment-phobic people would commit to. The name you see on your credit card bill every month.

The gym.

So I signed up to the gym when I started FV. That was 7 months ago. In that 7 months, I’ve been twice; the first to pick up my membership card, and the second to join a one-hour yoga class. Yet, I’m still paying about RM 200 a month for this estranged relationship.

Of course I use the most common excuse; Oh I can’t find the time!! As much as a workaholic I can be, I really don’t believe in not having enough time. If you want something, you’ll make time for it. That’s why I really knew that I was just pure lazy to go to the gym. Hehe.

But baby steps…baby steps…

In March, I bought some gym clothes. Left the paper bag still beautifully wrapped in my room.

In April, I was spring cleaning my room, so I unpacked the clothes.

In May, I found a big bag in my room and I thought Oh how lovely it would be as a gym bag. So I packed all the stuff I thought I needed for my future visit to the gym; sport shoes, my brand new gym clothes, socks, facial stuff, make-up, hair tie, comb, a new set of lingerie, a new set of clothes, perfume…. Yeah, it’s a pretty big bag.

In June, I forgot about the gym bag.

In July, a friend twisted my arm and today, I was dragged to the gym. We were going for a Body Pump class, whatever that was.

“So you’ve been a member for about 7 months and this is your second time in the gym. Wow…this class is worth RM 600 for you.”


Of course it sounds bad if you put it that way!! Sheeshhhhhh.

At the reception, the people there greeted my friend like their old buddy with the “What’s up?” and “How’s it going?”. When it came to me, they just smiled politely thinking that I was probably a guest about to have her first trial. Can’t blame them, really.

We went into the changing room and I realised I didn’t know what was where. I pretty much got lost in there. Found a counter and took out my gym clothes. I was trying to act all cool in front of the other girls, nodding at them as if I’m a regular here and the only reason they never saw me was because they weren’t coming often enough. I saw them looking back at me but their eyes were at the gym clothes I was holding. I looked down. Crap!!! The tags were dangling off them. Totally blew my cool cover.

Smiling sheepishly, I found a changing room and yanked the tags off in there as silent as I could.

So yes, the longest hour went by. Fast forward, I jumped, hopped, lunged, laid down on my back, my stomach, my hands, lifted up weights. You would’ve been proud of me. *bats eyelashes* Ok fine, they weren’t smooth, I did sigh and groan and cheat a bit, but I lasted as much as my body could take.

My friend and the other people were sweating so much it was disgusting. Their outfits were drenched. My friend looked at me, “You’re not sweating even one bit!!” Nodding proudly, I nonchalantly answered “Yeah, this is pretty easy stuff” at the same time hiding my 1 kg weights from everyone else’s 5 kgs. Whatever right, it’s the quality that matters, not the quantity.

My mood lifted after the class finished. I realised the most fun bit about going to the gym was the juice bar menu, and also the shower. I love the showers, they always have those big mushroom-like shower heads that make me want to shower all the time.

I was in a good mood the whole day because of the gym. I realised the hardest part was actually to get your bum there. After that, it’s actually quite an enjoyable and stress-free “me” time. I’d really like to say I want to do this regularly. I have already committed to going every other day, but knowing me, the gym will probably see me in November.