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July 26, 2011

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During my London days, I had few hours of lectures compared to other subjects. Law is mostly about reading, so after the lectures, they assume your “free” hours are reading law books and articles.

*roll of hill laughing *

My free hours were really Stevie the TV (yes I even named my TV). I loved the cable channels they had, probably thousands of channels from Paramount Comedy to Discovery Channel (a channel Stevie the TV never played…).

There was this one show that was brilliant! Dragon’s Den. It’s a show where people with business ideas present their ideas to five investors and they say on the spot whether or not they’re going to invest or not. They are not easy-going though, they’re called Dragons for a reason. They scrutinise, question, drill you about every aspect of your business.

As a viewer, I’d be like “Homaigod I would faint up there” but at the same time, it was really interesting to learn about business and the financial aspects of it.


Malaysia will have its own version now.

MYEG Make a Pitch.

Innovation is the point they stress, so your idea has got to be original and creative.

Not only will you have a big chance of your dreams coming true, but you’ll also be famous!!! You’ll be on NTV 7 yo! I’ll be rooting for you from my couch.


Stuff you need to know before the camera rolls:

1)   It’s 18 SG. So if you’re 17, sorry.

2)   No maximum age imposed. Even Opah can pitch her idea.

3)   Doesn’t matter if you have a registered company or not, ANYONE can present.

4)   If you don’t have time to do a detailed proposal, a brief outline of the idea and business is also accepted to audition with.

5)   No of winners is not limited. As long as the investors like your idea, you’re good to go!

6)   The confirmed panel of judges so far are from RHB,  MDeC, MyeG, Cradle.

This is your chance!! Some people have amazing ideas and it’s a terrible thing that it doesn’t realize because of lack of capital. Well done, MyeG for this opportunity for Malaysians.

You can complete online entry form here.