our first intern

July 30, 2011

Some people come and go in your life, but will never be forgotten. I never thought FV would take in interns, but one girl came for an interview and she was honest;  she said she was only looking for a month’s job as she was on her break. What’s the point, I thought, but Dean and Wawa called for the interview and as fate would have it, she joined FV a month ago.

On the first day, I remembered that she worked from 8.45 am till 11 pm!! She spent the day learning the operations of FV, and I saw that she was very interested and wanting to learn more. You had to tell her ONCE and she was on a roll after that, she knew her routine from then on. What I liked about her was that she could carry any task; from the high-level ones like meeting designers and attending fashion shows, to the very nitty gritty ones like kneeling on the floor arranging plastic in order till 7 pm. Confident enough to carry herself well, and humble enough to carry a whole load of clothes while arranging the stockroom.

Through the weeks, she never changed and it was wonderful!! She really helped lessened Wawa’s burden and won her heart instantly. Wawa’s not super easy to win over. Unlike me. With me, you can just give me chocolate and I’ll love you. But she really screens people she lets in FV, much like the security guard. Heck, she gets annoyed with ME sometimes! Hahaha.

Today was Zaahira’s last day as the first FV intern. And we were all sad! We went for a nice lunch and made her wear a crown as she was Queen Zaahira for the 2 hours. I got pissed off when she took it off.

On me:

Top: DUSK till DAWN

Headband: Sereni & Shentel

Bracelet: Bhatoo


It touched my heart even more when at her farewell lunch, she gave Dean and I this.

Isn’t it gorgeous?!! A girl carrying the FV package, wearing a Gallo top with some skirt that we don’t sell in FV.

She painted this herself!!! Ah-mayy-zingggg!

We’re going to put this hanging nicely in the toilet, where she spent most of her days. -____- Girl’s hardworking, but man, does she have a small bladder. If she was a permanent staff, we’d probably build an office in there for her.

We had a cake for her and we sang her Happy Birthday song. It wasn’t her birthday, we just wanted a reason for cake.

She wrote me the sweetest text ever, but that will be just between me and her. 🙂

To Zaahira, FV’s first ever intern, thank you for being a part of our family. You will be missed in the office, but well, once FV, forever FV. You can’t run.

To anyone else interested in doing an internship with FV, do send your resume to careers@fashionvalet.net with the subject “Internship – *Your Name*”.