July 20, 2011

I’ve been wanting to blog about Asma’s wedding, I swear, but this girl has been so slow in giving me her professional wedding photos. There’s no point uploading the ones I have on my camera because there’s a lot of me and none of B. So I want to wait for the super nice ones.

So she had her nikah and reception here in KL and then Traitor went in the car with the S plate number and drove off to Singapore. We were calling each other and BBM-ing, at the same time I became a proud member of the I Hate B Club that Asma’s sister founded. We’re quite active, the club members.

The Singapore reception followed the next weekend and I was all set to go see what was so special about this country that Asma’ had to choose a guy from there over millions of yummy Malaysian men. Unfortunately, I had to cancel my trip last minute. Guess it wasn’t B’s rezeki for me to burn down his room.

Asma’ and I had it all planned! I was going to sleep in her bridal suite that night while B goes home, and B was going to take us to Night Safari the next day and everything.

I was crushed. But then I realised there were more important things than Asma’, so I moved on with life, MasyaAllah.

A few days later, Asma’ and B came back to KL for her niece’s birthday. They were only planning to stay for like a weekend, and then, GUESS WHAT.

A few minutes after Asma’ entered Malaysia, she started feeling itchy.


I was laughing so much!!!!! I was so happy!!!!! Well, sorry about the pox, but man, felt good to have her in KL, however forced it was. The planned 3 days became 3 weeks 🙂

Fortunately, B had to go back to Singapore.

“See Asma’, he doesn’t love you. Divorce him.”

But mehh they’re too in love, there’s no point fighting it.

The whole 3 weeks, I never saw Asma’ because well, let’s face it, if her husband doesn’t even want to be near her….. I mean, she BBM-ed me pictures of her progress so often that I lost my appetite a few times. Chicken pox is not pretty. I’ve never had chicken pox in my life, so the more reason why I didn’t want to be near her.

At her niece’s birthday, I went with my niece and nephew.

My top: Lilou Rope Top

Asma’ was at the contagious stage of chicken pox, so she had to be quarantined.

This was as near as I was willing to get to her.

Now, she’s all good and I’m back to clingy friend mode again. Love it!! She’s still involved with FV, so today we went to all our meetings together. When she got in the car, we both looked at each other.


We looked like we were wearing some colour-coded uniform, borderline lame. Our tastes are so similar, it’s sad.

My top: Lou&Li

Asma’s top: Berrybow

In these pictures, she looks like she doesn’t love me. But don’t worry, she actually really does. She’s just not used to public display of affection. We’re working on it.

She’s going to leave tomorrow and I’m about to throw a fit. Not only because she’s going to wear the I’m-A-Malaysian-Traitor cap again, but because before she left me, she rubbed her arm all over me to piss me off.

If one red dot appears on my arm in the next few days, I’m going to Singapore for revenge.