wardens are back

July 14, 2011

Today I was in a goofy mood because it was a happy day!

Earrings: Ola

Top: Gallo

Skirt: PU3

These past 2 weeks, my sister and I were singing the Freedom song because my parents were on holiday together. Kind of like like 156th honeymoon. Yuck. You might have seen someone dancing at Zouk looking like me….Hahahah just kidding, Mom. Put down the baseball bat.

As much fun as we had, I really missed my parents. They came back today!!! The house is a lot livelier now and everything seems back to normal. Dad went into career talk mode and Mom went into inspector mode, analysing our outfits and complaining about how long our nails are and how devils are dangling off those manicures. There’s no stopping my dad, but with my mom, you can just massage her back, fingers or feet and her lecture turns into “A little bit to the left…”

I pointed to her feet. “So how’s my heaven doing? Tired?” And massaged her for a good 10 seconds before the luggage started coming in and I saw beautiful orange paperbags. They were Sainsbury’s paperbags, nothing that started with H. Don’t worry, nothing interesting.

“Did you visit Chanel, Mom?? Anything nice this season?”

“Yeah, nice. But the prices have gone up so much, it’s terrible,” she shakes her head as if half the country’s population died. She continues, “Bags that were ยฃ1600 are now like ยฃ2500, and people are still buying!”

That’s crazy!!!! Chanel’s ripping people off even more now, I didn’t think that was possible.As gorgeous as they are, I really cannot imagine myself buying any more of those designer handbags. Now that I make my own money, man…. it’ll be so painful to see hard-earned RM 10k fly away to one handbag.

My dad would agree.

“So dad, did you pass by Chanel? Anything nice there?”

“Noooo nothing nice there. I was looking for something to buy for you, but I really couldn’t find anything nice.”

*cough* bluff *cough*

“What are the colours this season?”

“Very ugly colours.”

Yes I’m sure they were, Dad.