a good family month

August 26, 2011

Ramadhan is coming to an end and I’ve got mixed feelings already! Am happy and sad at the same time.

Because get to hold forks and spoons during the day again. *Looks up* God you know I love You, but You know I’m only human. Seeing ice cube ads on TV is just painful during Ramadhan and I miss having lunch!!! I totally understand why You instructed Muslims to endure fasting and it really does work! I feel like personally feeding the hungry with an abundance of food and iced water. May You bless them now and in the afterlife.
Because our sleep patterns will go back to normal. Sleeping late after terawih, and waking up early morning to eat and sleep again right before we go to work… Sigh, it’s really taking a toll on my sleep. I can’t help it, but I’ve been waking up late if I sleep after sahur.

Because Ramadhan gives us an extra chance to earn brownie points to go to Heaven, Insyaallah. Any ibadah we do is many times more rewarding when we’re in a patient and abstained mode. And whoever gets Lailatul Qadar, Masyaallah.. Ramadhan is a time of cleansing and reflection. Us being hungry and all, it’s really a humbling experience.
Because Ramadhan really brings families together. We sit together at 7 pm while waiting for the Azan to eat. After working hours, we’ll surely have a lot to share about our days. Then we sit together again at 5 am. This time we don’t smile or talk and we eat with our eyes closed. But still, we’re together and that’s what counts. If it weren’t for Ramadhan, sometimes it’s pretty difficult to have everyone’s schedules synchronised to allow a meal together!

The happiest person in the house is Opah. She gets pretty lonely when we’re all busy at work, but Ramadhan forces everyone to come together as a family, to go to the mosque as a family and just to be at home together watching late night Malay dramas (God knows how many times I’ve amused myself when there’s a dialogue “Abang…..saya minta maaf” followed by an abundance of tears. Not just on TV, but on my mom and maids’ faces too. Seriously, almost every single Malay drama – someone is in regret and very sorry to her Abang!)

While Mom and the other ladies cry, Opah and I hang out and laugh at them. We too cool for that, yo.

To Opah fans, you’ll be so proud to know Opah hasn’t missed a single day of fasting despite being like 200 years old. I know some young and energetic people who miss some days. Tsk tsk! Who da man?

I really need to get her a new towel.