first and last, please

August 18, 2011

I was nervous, but Alhamdulillah, I’M FINEEEE!!!!!!

The chiropractor was talking nonsense. Pfttt. I had my MRI yesterday and goshh that was one experience I don’t want to go through again.

One tweet said that I will feel a bit like I’m in Star Wars in that machine.

No, man.

He meant coffin.

I had to do 2 scans; one on my neck and one on my lower back.

So they put me down and I read all the surahs I knew.

As they rolled me in the machine, they said “Oh yeah, don’t swallow and don’t cough ok. If you want to swallow, you’ll have to swallow very slowly and softly.”


There’s only one way to swallow, hello. You guys try doing that; swallow slowly and softly.


Can or not?? Pfttt.

I tried my best and it was horrible. The more you tell yourself not to swallow, the more you want to swallow. -__-

That was one problem. The second problem was that the top of the coffin was literally 2 inches away from my nose. I seriously don’t know how claustrophobic people do this? I didn’t think I was claustrophobic but I’m pretty sure I am NOW.Ventilation in there was fine, I could breathe easily. But it was more psychology. I felt so restless and so uncomfortable and I just wanted to stretch. But I couldn’t and it was so frustrating I wanted to cry.

I had to lay in there for half hour to do the 2 scans and I swear, there were so many times I wanted to squeeze the thing they put on my hand in case of emergencies. But I thought that’s not cool, my niece and nephew would laugh and point at me.

So, I started reading surahs in my head again.

But it was so noisy! The machine is actually very noisy and they put headphones on you to filter the sound. Even so, I felt like I was in a rock concert. Well in a coffin in a rock concert. Bzzzzzzzzzzzz…. Degedegedegedegedege…..ZiaauuuuuuZiauuuuu……Degedegedegedegedege…..

So I started composing songs in my head to match the beat.

I got bored, so I started thinking about what to think about. Hmmm… what should I think about?

I’m pretty sure when someone has to think about what toΒ  think about, she’s gone psycho.

I was told not to open my eyes, but curiosity overtook me, so open my eyes I did. I almost screamed. The thing is seriously right above you. Homaigod at that point, I think I mini-squeezed the emergency thingy. How am I doing this? How am I breathing?? How long more???? Close eyes, close eyes!! La la la la la….I’m in a beautiful garden with beautiful flowers wearing a beautiful dress…. la la la..

The guy finally came in and pulled me out and I almost kissed him. I was so relieved that I forgot the worst part is getting the results. I was getting myself ready to receive bad news, then the doctor said “Everything’s normal. Your bones and discs are perfectly normal.”

I was so happy!!!!!

“But your muscles are sore. You should not wear heels, and you should go easy on your work on the laptop. You should have a healthy lifestyle and that includes exercise. You should go to the gym often….”

Rewind please. I’d like to stop him at “perfectly normal.”


I’m normal!!!! Well, my muscles are a bit upset with me…but I’ll make it up to them. Cookie? Hehe.

Asma’ wanted to Skype right away after the MRI. “So, you dying or not?” Sigh…such love….

Top: DUSK till DAWN

Though this was a false alarm, I know that this is a warning for me to take care of my body. I need to appreciate what God has given me and I guess it is an amanah to take care of every single thing with much gratitude. My legs, my hands, my eyesight, my neck, my back…everything! I really thought I screwed up my body but Alhamdulillah, God is still giving me a chance to be able to live life normally.

Just to share with you my sexy bones….

Any doctors reading this? Here’s another random case study for you. Happy Birthday.