in the shoes of….

August 23, 2011

You know what I love about working in FV?

The family environment. We’re all about the same age, so everyone’s sort of on the wavelength and we really do treat each other like family. Even when someone leaves due to personal reasons, we still keep in touch and they always come over to hang out and steal Yeo’s packets in the fridge. Or they text me to remind me to complete certain things that I would normally forget.

It’s really nice that everyone still cares no matter how far they are from us.

Zaahira, our first ever intern, has been so bored at home that she’s been coming over FV like 2-3 times a week! She just barges in and goes straight to the packing table to pack orders. And minds her own business. Like errr hello, are you lost?? But whatever, free labour! Hehe. I just love it when everyone’s together again.

Zaahira wrote an article about what it’s like being an intern at FV. What????? I didn’t ask her to write it… *shifty eyes*

I was so touched when I read it, felt like tearing reading such kind words about a company I co-built.


In The Shoes of a FashionValet Intern by Zaahira Suleiman

Before I start writing on how amazing it is to work with Miss Proudduck, Vivy Yusof and her amazing team at Fashion Valet, I’d like to thank her for giving me the opportunity to write as a guest blogger here in I hope I won’t bore you guys to death and hopefully Vivy won’t lose readers too!

I am currently a Year 1 Interior Architecture student in KBU International College. I was on a 3 months long term break when I saw the 2 job vacancies posted on I thought, “Wow, this could be a chance for exposure on how things work in the fashion retail industry!” I love fashion and have always dreamt of seeing how things roll behind the scenes. So I took the plunge. The moment I saw that post, I went straight to Microsoft Word and was frantically typing out my very first resume. I was worried of the outcome as I never had a job before, never had any professional experience that could qualify me for both positions and I’m only 20! In fact, I was 100% certain that they won’t call me in for an interview.

They did. *fireworks*

I went for my very first interview all nervous and worried about what I was wearing or what they might think of me. More importantly, what they might ask. But Dean and Wawa were very friendly and my nerves calmed down instantly. I was told that they needed someone permanent for the position. I was crushed; I could only work for a month! Then Dean said that they’d be happy to offer me an internship instead (*beams*). I accepted the internship as soon as the offer email was sent by the office.

Working at Fashion Valet has really opened up my eyes about how things really work behind the scenes of fashion retail. It’s not just about selling stuff and getting profit from it. There’s a whole lot more than that. Like, how do you increase sales? How do you come up with the creative ways to attract buyers? How do you sell average priced clothes and make it look expensive? How do you create an identity for your brand? I learned all these by observing the entrepreneurial spirit of the company. Asking plenty of questions helps too!

At work, I assist Wawa, the operations manager, on the photo shoots. I unpacked the clothes given by designers so that stock lists could be prepared as well as codes to label each item. It’s good to be organized because it could get pretty crazy.

My favourite part of the day is to get order deliveries packed each day before the postman comes by to collect them. Yes, I know, it’s weird. With all these clothes around me, I took the time to observe the way designers design, sew their clothes and the kind of materials they used. Sometimes, I get to go out and collect stocks from designers and shop owners. It’s nice to meet them and have small chats. My job also requires me to attend fashion shows with the Fashion Valet team. I was pretty shy and a little overwhelmed by the glamorous and stylish crowd which results to the occasional What Should I Wear Tonight? dilemma! But it was still so exciting to get the chance to see designers preview their collection first hand and also see what people are wearing, so many different characters!

Once, Vivy gave me the chance to send an email regarding a bulk order for an item and said that I could choose any colour I liked. Seems like a no big deal but for me, it really was. It felt great to contribute something to the company and seeing that bold red SOLD OUT stamped under the items are bonus brownie points for me!

There was never a dull moment in the office! The fridge and cabinets are well stocked with goodies (om nom nom!), good air condition and the atmosphere is just cheerful all the time! Oh and not forgetting, Shania Twain’s You’re Still the One is always on air on FashionValet FM! Even at the most stressful moments, the team will manage to crack silly jokes and poke fun with each other but work is still work!

Working at Fashion Valet has made me realize that if I haven’t took that plunge and send that resume in; I would never get an opportunity as amazing as this. I knew I was under qualified for the job vacancy since day one but I thought I had nothing to lose. I was positive I would walk out of the interview empty handed but instead I scored an internship. I have met so many wonderful people while interning at Fashion Valet and I felt so lucky and blessed to be given that chance, even for a month, and be part of the FV family! It was the best thing that has ever happened to me in a while!


*blows nose*

Other companies might not take on interns as they come and go in such a short span of time. But I think I’d be happy to take on interns. I know there’s a lot of people who love fashion out there (you won’t believe how many “Fashion is my passion” phrases we’ve heard during interviews), and I guess FV would be a great place to learn about the different designers at one shot. We should never be stingy with knowledge.

So yes, we are still taking on internship applications. If you’re interested, send your applications to