mimak turns 24

August 11, 2011

Yesterday was Asma’s birthday and I couldn’t resist getting her flowers and a big balloon. Don’t worry, I un-sappy-ed it by sending her a really mean card. *blows nail* I still gawt it.

In the office we skype-d with her. We knew she was out and about in a shopping mall, so we sang really loud the birthday song to her. Pretty sure she was embarrassed but well, that’s the whole point.

Then the 2 of us continued Skype-ing and she brought me along shopping with her in a mall, while I waved to the public like I’m Kate Middleton or something.

Can you imagine how she looked like? I mean, I was fine! I was in an office. Nobody would think I’m crazy. But Asma’! She was that crazy lady showing off her iPad to people while she walked talking to herself.

Sigh, there are times when I’m like Asma’ who… but there are a lot of times when I really really miss her. Times like the latter, I want to go to Singapore and beat B up.