new beginnings

August 20, 2011

You know the annoying kid who just discovers lifts and likes to press all the buttons?

Her name is Vivy’s niece.  -___-

Outfit: Cyber Jubah by Tas Iman

My sister just moved in to a new place and I’ve been helping her out. Ok, helping is pushing it a bit. More like teman-ing her while she carries boxes. Heeee. There was this one night when we slept over there, just the two of us. And we just slept on beanbags in front of her TV. Did you know Kim Kardashian was getting married?!!!! Or is married by now? Omgggg I am soooo out of the Hollywood goss, it was nice to watch TV for a while. Then we ordered pizza and had it for sahur.

She had a housewarming cum buka puasa with her girlfriends. Driver, food-pick-up-er, despatch.

Guess who came as well…


Do you recognise her??

Well, she’s my best friend, of course!!!!!

I’m soooooo proud of Toots, she has successfully ended her free-hair phase and Insyaallah is now donning the hijab.

I could see the change in her this Ramadhan, she is a lot calmer, a lot more poised and very….I dunno…. serene, peaceful. I can’t really put it in words, but it’s very inspiring for me to watch and follow her footsteps.

You should’ve seen my mom when she saw her. “Masyaallah Ajjie, cantik nyaaaaaaaa. Hembus kat Vivy sikit.” all the while nudging me.


I’ve been itching to tell you guys for days already but she was nervous. But now, she’s confident that she’ll wear it for good, so I am now given the license to tell.

Necklace: AzuraAzwa

On her first day, I just had to see her. Took the FV team all the way to town to have lunch with her. Would’ve brought balloons and stuff, but she was embarrassed enough with my photo-snapping of her walking to us.

She’s gorgeous.

Inside and out.