of sushi and riots

August 14, 2011


The FV peeps had a buka puasa night at Istana Hotel in conjunction with Mia’s birthday. As usual, loads of laughter and food! What we live for, really. It was a surprise for Mia though. We told everyone it was Wawa’s farewell dinner and the whole day, none of use acted like we remembered it was Mia’s birthday. Wawa’s going off to London to study so she will obviously be dearly missed in the office. So, Dean took everyone for a buffet and killed two birds with one stone.


Sushi cake because Mia’s obsessed with everything Japan.

We made Wawa give a farewell speech and when she got all conscious and didn’t know what to say, we casted her aside to the next table.

My outfit: Poya

Bye bye Wawa!! ๐Ÿ™

As happy as we are seeing her continue her studies, we are worried about her being among the riots.

It’s scarier for outsiders because we have no idea what’s going on and everything in the papers is just bad news. I keep messaging Stella to see if she’s ok. It didn’t help that a Malaysian student got mugged and injured by a bunch of bullies.

There’s a video interview about this (he has a British accent???). He’s alright now, phew. But I pray that the other Malaysians will be safe there too.

A reader emailed me to inform me about the happenings in the UK and it’s her wish to assure all parents and loved ones in Malaysia that they’re being kept safe there.


Many of you would have heard about the recent outbreak of riots in parts of London and now spreading across United Kingdom. The Metropolitan police can now confirm that these riots were a poor excuse for looters to cause public demeanours, violence and thefts in certain parts of the country.

Just recently, a young Mara Scholar from Malaysia was injured during the rioting. A video footage showed that whilst he was bleeding, human kindness prevailed and he was comforted by a few men around him. However, it was shown later on CCTV, that they were in fact mugging him and stealing his personal belongings. Fortunately, this student from Malaysia is now recovering in hospital from a broken jaw.

For those of you who have family and friends in England, be rest assured that the situation has started to calm down and the police are doing everything they can to keep us safe. Being away from home may be tough on some of us, but being away from family during difficult times are the most testing.

As a final thought, please do contact your relatives/friends here to offer them some words of comfort. We have been informed that these riots may not be over yet and we continue to ask for your thoughts and prayers throughout this difficult time.


–ย ย ย ย ย ย ย  From Sylvia, a Malaysian living in London