one last speck

August 10, 2011

I admit I splurge on clothes, but one thing I really really save on is make-up!

I hardly buy make up if it’s not given (either for product reviews or my sister does a dresser table clearance) or my bottles are totally empty and I’m too tired to sneak into my sister’s room while she’s asleep.

Just look at my blusher.


You laugh now, but I swear!!! The little tiny specks are still good. That one round thing can last my two cheeks for like 3 days.

I only use Nars blusher because I find them to be the best so far, but they are not available in Malaysia. So I was literally scraping the bottom of the palette.

Last week, a friend from Thailand shipped one for me out of pity.

It’s so new and pretty, I feel bad to start using it!!