stylin’ raya

August 3, 2011

My Star article came out today in R.AGE section!

This is my third time writing as a guest writer. Since my next article will be after Raya, I thought it would be nice to write about Raya wear and take this opportunity to wish all The Star readers a very happy Ramadhan and Raya.

I also included a picture of actress Nora Danish who modeled for our Raya Collection launch. (When we launched FV ADORN kaftan range, we chose the beautiful Diana Johor to model for us)

For those of you who have not checked the website, you can see her modeling pics in there.

When she came in the office, omgggg we were all so starstruck. Everyone wanted to touch her and smell her, we’re such freaks.

She is soooo beautiful MashaAllah!!

And what makes her even more appealing is her niceness. She is very softspoken in real life and how you see her on screen, that’s how she was with us.

We were all so depressed looking at her, we had to take breaks to eat and drown our sorrows.


Dean got rejected by her, btw.

“So…Nora….have you watched Transformers?”

“Umm…no…” she smiled at him and changed the subject quickly. He is so embarrassing, I swear.

He came to me after that.

“So….Vivy….have you watched Transformers?”

“Yes. Go away.”

Before she left, she wrote us a note that we have framed up in our Celebrities Display. (There’s only her in it HAHAHAHA)

Thank you, Nora Danish for your time at FV! You were wonderful!

Her ice lemon tea that we might put in a glass display and sell on eBay.

Raya Collection Part 2 will launch tomorrow under FV ADORN on