5000 bucks

September 17, 2011

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Here you go, here’s 5000 bucks. Please go and finish the money shopping. That’s an order.


Can you imagine waking up from this dream? Just when I would be happily floating to Topshop, my mom would already be knocking at my door yelling at me to get up. That always happens when my dream is at the best part, btw. One time, I had a dream that I met Coco Chanel in Chanel KLCC and she was about to show me her latest collection that has not been unveiled yet. “Bangun, Subuh!!!!”


So anyway, dreams are not reliable.

Lucky for all of us, the free 5000 bucks to spend is not a dream. It’s for real, yo!!!

Xpax is having this Talk-A-Thon contest.

All you have do is….talk.



So it goes like this. Whatever you average call per day is, you have to make an extra 3 calls per day. So if daily, you make about 4 calls, add 3 to that and make 7 calls a day.

Cuff: Thirtyfour


Not that hard really; call Dad to ask if he’ll be eating at home, call Mom to tell her dad’s eating at home, call Sister to tell her Mom asked her to come over for dinner, call Mom to tell her Sister can’t make it for dinner, call Sister back to tell her Mom’s upset, call Dad to ask him out for dinner, call the restaurant to make reservations for you and Dad.

There, that’s 7 already.

To make things sweeter, FIVE daily winners will be chosen everyday from 15th August to 30th November. These winners will have a higher chance in winning that RM 5000.

How to join?


1) If you’re already on Xpax, just start making those extra 3 calls.

To find out what your daily average calls is, dial *118# and you’ll be able to know.


2) If you’re not, get an Xpax prepaid pack and start making at least 3 calls a day!


3) You also qualify if you’re a user of:

  • Celcom Broadband

Just do at least one of the following:

– Purchase additional data volume (1GB@RM15, 5GB@RM50)

– Send 20 SMS (15 sen/SMS) in a day using your Broadband

– Upgrade your package (eg. Celcom Broadband Lite to Basic, Basic to Advance, Advance to Pro)

  • Instanet

Subscribe to any of Instanet Daily (RM5), Instanet Weekly (RM18) or Instanet Monthly (RM50)


Ok, now for the best part.

The RM 5000 voucher that you will win…… will end up at these participating merchants only:

Peninsular Malaysia

Parkson, Giant, Cold Storage,Guardian, Mercato, Econsave, IKEA, Celcom Blue Cube, i-Study (Apple authorized reseller – Klang Valley only), Forever  21 (Penang & Klang Valley only), Topshop (Penang & Klang Valley only)

Sabah & Sarawak

Parkson, Giant, Farley, H&L Supermarket


TOPSHOP’S IN THE LIST!!!!!!! What are you waiting for?!!

Too easy. Even Opah can win this.

For more information on Xpax Talk-A-Thon and the terms and conditions, visit the website.