burberry prorsum ss 2012

September 24, 2011

Went to Burberry Prorsum exclusive screening of their Spring Summer 2012 womenswear.

Everytime I look at Burberry ads, a little bit of London oozes into my memory and I start rolling on the bed and hitting the floors. Ok, exaggeration. But really, Burberry makes me miss London A LOT. I’m not a fan of Burberry bags, but I drool over their coats and jackets! Short of prancing around my room in their gorgeous studded trench and blasting the aircond up real high and making little balls out of styrofoam. Look, Mommy, winter!

Anyway, let me deal with my London withdrawal crazy.

The Spring Summer 2011/12 collection is gorgeous! I’m so happy Burberry isn’t focusing on their checkered design, not my favourite thing about them. There were a lot of flared midi skirts, huge belts, big totes and lots of printed blouses. Not the makcik print, don’t worry. Colourful tribal.

With Datin Nadia (a supercool mom of one of my best friends ever in primary school!) and Shera

With Nonaaaaaaa

FV’s Afzan and Nani.

(You’ve met Nani on Proudduck, so meet Afzan!!!)

They really brighten up my day everyday.

Cardigan: Radzuan Radziwill

(FV has it in so many colours, I couldn’t choose so Nani forced orange on me!)


(btw I have dark hair now, bye bye blondie)

Don’t worry!!!

We haven’t forgotten about Wawa.

Wawa’s still in our hearts. Hehe. She is leaving for London end of this month, so we keep bugging her for lunch.

My top: Yadotsa Orinoco Top

My Pants: Zara

You guys should see the farewell present we got Wawa, It’s hilarious!! I will share soon.

Now, open house galore and I need to get ready.

(writing this with towel on my head)