dip your feet

September 9, 2011

Do you realise how much we work our feet? They have to carry our wholeeee body weight and they have to step on gross things everyday to get us places.

How I pamper my feet is by soaking them in warm water.

I remember family holidays, my sister and I would be sooo tired after a long day of following my parents everywhere. And we’d get back to the hotel room, kick off our heels and run straight to the bathtub to turn on hot water. Then we’d both dip our feet and read magazines to each other. If we weren’t busy flipping pages, we’d probably hear our feet saying Aaaaaaah and Thank You.

But recently I was introduced to another way of treating your feet.


Literally, ice cubes.

The thought of it made me cringe, but it wasn’t so bad. And it’s apparently good to release toxin from your body.

Ice cubes have melted into cold water by this time.

Go on, I dare ya.