September 27, 2011

I went to the gym last weekend.

Third time this year, I think… Improvement, woot!

I only go the gym for classes, because I’m like a little lost lamb when you give me the freedom to do whatever I want at the gym. Dump me in a shopping mall, I’ll work it like the back of my hand. But the gym…. you can find me at those big screens they play music videos at.

I tried Body Pump.


I wanted to stay in bed for the next few days. Everyone used a pair of 5 kg weigts. I used 1 kg, and still I was doing the least in the class. Painful muscle ache, depression….I have no idea how that lady is smiling like that.

Then I tried Body Cambat.


This one was so much fun!!! It was like aerobics class plus kickboxing, all in one. Step, step, kick. Step, step, kick. Still, body ached like crazy next few days.

Last weekend, I tried Jukari Fit to Fly.

Only did it because my friends Mischa and Kim did it.

Have you guys seen Cirque du Soleil?

Jukari is the training they go through and I swear it’s so cool!!!

There’s a wholeeee lot of stretching involved, which was so nice for my back pain. And then, there’s a lot of core abs work which was pain-fullll! A lot of the people in the class were pretty much experts. In fact, the one at the most front (always the show-offs and teacher’s pets pft) actually pulled themselves up using just their abs and stayed up there even AFTER the instructor tells us to come down. Like “Huh what, come down already?…”

We did this too! I saw myself in the big mirror while doing this, and realised I am very very unattractive when I do that. Sigh, jumping jacks should not be done on a date. Stick to dinner and movie, please.

Jukari was so fun, I want to go again!!

Who knows, maybe I can audition for Cirque du Soleil soon?