life-size dollhouse

September 30, 2011

Did you guys see a dollhouse in MidValley recently?

It was so cool!!! For The Paper Doll Project launch by eclipse, they made a real life dollhouse.


Living room with a pop-out TV.

The eclipse team drew these themselves. Look at the picture frames!

My headband: eclipse

My top: Berrybow

My skirt: Gallo

There was even an outside deck table that we hung out at. If only I brought sandwiches and juices, then Nona and Zaahira can join me for a picnic. Hehe. Might as well make a fool of ourselves with big straw hats and sunnies too.

Eclipse CEO and designer Sonny San giving his speech

CEO of World Vision Mr. Liew giving his speech

We all snuggled in the living room to watch The Paperdoll Project video.

DVD night! Hehe.

When my part came up, I cringed. HATEEEEE seeing myself talking on screen.

With Xandria too. We’re both holding our own paperdolls.

People buying paperdolls at the event

All 6 paperdolls with the change of clothes and shoes!

Remember I told you guys that the money you donate by buying the paperdoll will be shown in the virtual village eclipse set up? You can check out the progress of the project here. Today they’ve raised over RM 20K!! Yayy!

“Yah! We have medicine.”

Can you imagine how heartbreaking it is when people are so excited they finally have access to medicine? We have an abundance of hospitals everywhere and medicines stocked up in their cabinets. Heck, who’s guilty of not finishing their antibiotics course?! *raise hand when Mommy’s not looking* I promise to not waste medicine, when others don’t even have enough to go around.

Well done eclipse for the bold step of launching this project selflessly to help others in need!

Am proud to be a part of it.

I undressed my naked doll and it was so funny!

The other ladies are in their proper lingerie and my doll was the most HALAL one with nude leggings and corset. When they asked me, my only request was for the doll to be not so sexy so my mom wouldn’t burn it.

Headband: per te

Leaving all the gadgets for a while and playing with the good old paperdoll.

Hope you guys will also help support this cause. Finally a fashion brand is giving back and I’ve seen them work so hard making these paperdolls all stylish and in line with the eclipse image. Don’t just say you pity those in need, do something about it! Even the smallest contributions mean something.

Buy a paperdoll today!

Each paperdoll is RM20