no words

September 1, 2011

….can describe how blessed and relaxed my Raya was.

Ok actually, got a few. Hold on.

I thank You, God, for the life you have given to my family and I. I thank You for giving me a wonderful set of parents who never fail to give me love and support. I thank You for giving me a sister who is kind-hearted yet still strong and gave us 2 adorable little kids. I thank You for giving us more time with Opah who brightens up the house. I thank You for introducing me to an amazing man who sucks up to my parents like a straw. I thank You for letting me spend my Raya with my best friend of 15 years.

Thank You for a smooth Ramadhan and for teaching/showing me a thing or two the past month. I hope you will shower us with Hidayah and show us the right path. Amin.


Kaftan: Innai


Top: Mimpikita

Pareo: Poya

I have neverrrrrrr had better sleep than I’ve had this Raya (haven’t had proper sleep since FV started!). Eat, sleep, eat, sleep. Blisssss! I am soooo well-rested and in the best of mood, smiling to strangers!

Selamat Hari Raya to my blog readers. Maaf Zahir dan Batin on behalf of my whole family and I.