pass the patriotism

September 19, 2011

Proudduck hit 4 MILLION HITS YESTERDAY!!!!!!! My mom was so excited she called me right away. Thanks so much guys for still being here, even though I’m boring these days. MUAAAHHH!!!



I know, I know. I’m late, as usual. Yawn.

But come on! Get excited with me. Yay, Malaysia! Malaysia boleh! Woooo!!!

For my sister’s birthday that I hosted, I planned her whole birthday with a Merdeka theme. (Her birthday’s actually during Merdeka, but I can cheat and include it here cos it’s the same kind of patriotism I’m feeling tonight). Everyone had to wear stripes, her cake was a Malaysian flag (thank you, Gateauxlicious!) and we played Merdeka games.

Chocolate cake with strawberry filling by Gateauxlicious

I made a Pass the Bomb thingy myself and I’m so proud of it. It looks ridiculously amateur and I only used ugly newspaper, but whatever, it was my awesome piece of work.

They, on the other hand, didn’t feel the same way. Totally butchered every layer into pieces. No hearts, these people.

Anyway, look look! Read all the questions I made up;

(It’s not Negaraku, btw… see if you know this!)

The one on the left is Asma’s eldest sister, btw.

My awesome BFF who helped out the whole night even though she had to study in between.

Usually babies hate me, but this one!! This one was so cute and actually did NOT cry when I held it her. I love her already.

A couple of my sister’s friends (Owner of said baby on the left)

Jelly Beans fever! We were on such a high afterwards, hehe.

On Malaysia Day, Nona had a patriotic BBQ at her place, so we all hung out and discussed Malaysian economy and issues. Or we actually just ate chicken and hung out by her pool. You can choose whichever one you would have liked us to do. Hehe.

Dean and I were both wearing Pop.Muse.Sic

Anyway, Happy Malaysia Day to my one and only country that I love so much and I will never betray and move out from.

*glares at Asma’*