the paperdoll project

September 3, 2011


Ok, so Eclipse is 15 years old this year and they’ve decided to give back, big time.

They’ve come up with a charity campaign called The Paperdoll Project that aims to raise funds to better the lives of children around the world.While we sit here in our air-conditioned room, sipping coffee and maybe even with our legs up on the couch… a lot of people out there have to fight for basic needs. From The Paperdoll Project, I’ve learned that some people have to walk four hours to get a bucket of water!

Here we are chasing the luxury and cash in life, but a lot of people in the world need just like a tiny fraction of all our wealth! I feel guilty if I sit there and do nothing, so for the first time in my life, I am standing up and getting involved in something other than my own selfish needs!

There’s just so much to help with, but Eclipse has focused on these 6 issues:

1) Water

2) Healthcare

3) Education

4) Children

5) Poverty

6) Awareness

The aim is to raise RM 150,000 from now till December. This money will be chanelled to World Vision to improve the lives of others in these 6 categories above.

How you can get involved?


1) Buy Paperdolls

Along with 5 others; Carmen Soo, Lina Teoh, Daphne Iking, Hannah Lo and Xandria Ooi, each one of us has our own paperdoll which was inspired by our personalities, and these paperdolls come full set with many types of clothes and shoes. You can collect them or buy them as gifts, and at the same time, you are helping the people in need.

With all the video games and iPhone apps out there, you really can’t find paperdolls anywhere anymore! So here’s to bring back the nostalgic childhood my mom and grandmother had! (Erm… they made Barbie dolls by the time I popped out).

The paperdolls are RM 20 each and can be purchased at any Eclipse store in Klang Valley, or online on Buy a paperdoll now.

Can you guess which one’s mine?


2) Buy Stickers

I’ve seen these stickers and omg they are soooo cute!!!!!

Basically it’s a virtual village on a long postcard, and you can decorate them with stickers of cute cartoon people going to school etc. There are different set of stickers depending on the theme; agriculture, healthcare, education etc.

Perfect for children to play with.

I’ll get more details on these stickers, but they can be purchased at any Eclipse store in Klang Valley, or online on (soon).


3) Eclipse sales

From 1st Sept 2011 to 30th Nov 2011, Eclipse will be donating 1.5% of their sales to this project. So purchase anything Eclipse and you’ll be helping to save a life!



I am so honored to be a part of this campaign because it’s not just any other charity that you have no idea where your money is going, it’s actually a campaign that you can monitor the progress. Gahhh I can’t explain it properly. Basically, they’ve set up a website of a virtual village which symbolises the village you’re donating to. In the virtual world, you can see where your money’s been put, how much has been raised in which category etc. It’s really a fun twist to doing something amazing for someone out there.

This is just to introduce to you guys The Paperdoll Project which I’ve been working on. Will update on the news and stuff once the project has launched (it hasn’t even launched yet, finally you guys are getting proper news from Proudduck!)

In the meantime, go to to watch our individual videos and BTS, and also check out the super freaking cool village I’m obsessed with.