young and restless

September 7, 2011

Top: Lou&Li


Thank you so much Marie Claire Malaysia for featuring me in their September issue “Young & Restless” along with designer Alia Bastamam, Fay and one of my fav local talents Najwa Mahiaddin.

Some BTS to share with you:


This make-up artist was wonderful!! For the first time ever, I saw a really cool way of putting on flawless foundation.

He used this liquid spray thingy to spray the foundation on for a smoother, more flawless look. The same concept of going tanning. (Remember when I went for a fake tan?? That was a funny day)

Honestly, if I could be bothered and had the energy to spray myself everyday, I’d so get me a set of those.

And I looooved the hair he gave me. I get so sick of flat hair everyday that some volume really wouldn’t hurt. I wanted it to be even puffier and more afro like. Omg like Beyonce! But that would’ve totally ruined my hair for good.


Then back to reality:


Some of my favourite quotes from the interview: