age doesn’t matter

October 17, 2011

We had such a hilarious time with Opah the other day.

Asma’, me and both our moms were having tea at my house while Opah was sitting on the couch watching us. You know, cos we need an audience when we dine, duh.

We started talking about Asma’s grandfather, who recently has expressed his desire to remarry. Asma’ and her mom just laughs at him. He’s 70+ already!

I pointed to Opah. “Aunty, look over there. He can take this one. She’s available.”

At this point, I was planning Opah’s wedding gown already. Something modest with a touch of lace and beading. The theme will be modern Chanel (since Opah can pronounce Chanel now *so proud*)

The idea of Opah and Asma’s Atuk together was so hilarious. You see, Asma’s Atuk wants a hot young wife (men! 30, or 80. Same only), and Opah’s older than him by like 10 years.

“It’s ok la. He can have an older woman for a change. They’re more matured.”

“Good la like that, we put kerepot and kerepot together. Disaster!”

Can you imagine if we married Opah off to an equally old man?

This is how Opah tells the time. She puts her clock as far as her arms can stretch (the maximum is shown in picture) and squints her eyes tightly. Then she looks brings it closer to her. “Hmmm…” Then she stretches her arm again. Then she brings her arm nearer to her, but then leans her body backwards. After a while, “Haish.. V, what time is it? I don’t think this clock is working.”

Yes, blame the clock…

Imagine having both grandparents like that.

“Umm…B, what time is it yeah?”

“I was just about to ask you, dear.”

The only way they’ll know the time is by waiting for the azan from the mosque.

Anyway, back to our tea party.

We were debating the hilarious pros and cons of getting them to meet. I imagine Opah to be all shy and Asma’s Atuk will just be like “Err she doesn’t look 25.”

Then I asked Opah.

“Opah, Asma’s grandpa is single. You want?”



At least play a little hard to get. Sigh. She never wants to listen to me.

That night, Opah and I hung out.

“Opah, Asma’s grandpa wants younger women who can take care of him. Sorry babe.”

“Eh takpeeee… Opah ada yang satu lagi tu, datuk Si so-and-so tu. Ingat tak?”

My 89 year old grandmother ladies and gentlemen. She’s so cute la.

Also, Asma’ left Malaysia today and is now wearing the Wife hat. Hate that hat. She’ll be back soon, whatever. They always come back to KL.

Could-have-been step-grandaughters.

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