asma’s wedding pictures

October 7, 2011

Update: A lot of people emailed me asking how Asma’ did the wallpaper flower thingy. She got it from this website and she used IKEA large white napkins.


Asma’s wedding was such a relaxed and chill wedding, just like her.

She was soooooo not the elegant smile smile bride. There was one picture of her with a chain saw trying to kill her husband. And one of her trying to climb a tree.

*shakes head*

I wanted to tell her to behave, but it’s her wedding day la, so I thought I’d let her have fun.

Anyway, I carefully chose the pictures I approve of her, but I’m telling you, it was slim pickings!


I was so proud of Asma’. She did everything herself. Everything was DIY, even sticking huge handmade flowers all over her wallpaper. She baked her own cookies as doorgifts, she designed her own dress, she made her own decor around the house. Heck, if she could do the akad, she’d do it herself also! Hehe.

So pretttttyyyy!

YOU SEE?!! Ish.

She made that

She handmade each flower thingy and stuck them on one by one herself

I didn’t get to stay till the end because this was the night I had allergic reaction to prawns and had to get an injection on my bum. Remember the drama night I cried? Haha.

Best friend got married to some Singaporean, got my bum violated by a mean doctor. Bad day for Vivy, that day.

But Mashaallah her dress!!! Too bad I didn’t get to see this one ๐Ÿ™


The reception was during the day, so it was nice and relaxed as well. Everyone was at ease and had smiles on their faces.

Asma’ put up hadiths related to marriage on tables

Ais kacang!

Putu piring!

Popcorn and cotton candy.

(Kids were running wild on the day…)

This was just a pose. She has no idea how to tie a tie.


I’m still not speaking to him.

I love this picture of us.

His face whenever I’m around. Get used to it.

I still can’t believe she’s married!!!!

All pictures by Danial Zain